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If there is one color that looks to be constantly trending then we would name purple. Purple like pink was for a long time deemed to be a woman's color but now it is everywhere. Men are now including it in their wardrobe and honestly we aren't event surprised. The color is beautiful and gives the people a royal look. If you are thinking of simple ways to include purple into your wardrobe then we would suggest you to go with the purple tuxedo vest.

Purple tuxedos are not a very popular style, especially with men going with the dark colors for the formal garments. But if you consider this to be a widely monochromatic look and want something different then you could purchase the mens purple tuxedo separately. This could easily be the wardrobe staple with the color being the hot sensation in the fashion world right now. If you are in doubt about the color, go check out the fall collections of the fashion brands of this year. Almost every brand has adopted purple in their new collection and it is stunning. It is high time that you also join the trend.

For people who are trying out the color for the first time, it might be too much to go with the purple suit and hence to give it a simple start, choose to go with the stylish purple tuxedo vests.

There are a lot of shades in purple and you just need to find the one that will work for you. If you are a cautious fashion person then you could choose the dark purple tuxedo . But if you want to choose a casual and breezier style then you might want to choose the light purple tuxedo . Our recommendation would be for you to go with the darker colors since they are more versatile and the dark shades of purple give you a much interesting and richer look. Purple was once a color that was exclusively worn by the royals since the color was hard and expensive to extract. Learn to style the purple tuxedo in the right way and it could be an useful addition to your wardrobe.

You could purchase the purple tuxedo online as a separate garment but you also have the other option of getting the purple tuxedo. It has now become quite common for men to go with the colored tuxedo style. If you are done with the navy and black tuxedos and want something interesting for the formal events then choose the dark purple tuxedos. This would easily turn heads and give you the spotlight that you deserve.

For purchasing the garment, you could simply use the purple tuxedo vest near me search option in the web. You will find a lot of websites that have the purple tuxedo on sale. The next step would be to find the styles that are the best in both quality and price. You could check out the various designs available depending on your budget. You could choose the most expensive purple tuxedo or you could go with the low cost purple tuxedo vests.In our site, we have different styles of purple tuxedo on discounts.

Purple Tuxedos

Styling the vests

There are different ways to wear the vests but most of us are familiar with only the standard ways. The tuxedos always doesn't have to be formal. You can even style the tuxedo vests with the casual garments. You just have to find the ways to integrate the vest with the outfits properly.

If you have the tuxedo vest in your wardrobe already or are thinking of purchasing it, here are some tips on how to make the look work. Depending on the nature of the event that you are attending, you could choose the look for you.

If you want a formal look that also makes you look classy in every way then you could style the formal purple tuxedo vest with a matching purple blazer, white dress shirt, violet striped tie and a pair of navy dress pants. Now to rightly finish off the look, you could add with it a pair of black fringe leather loafers and clear sunglasses.

For a subtler look, you could pair the designer purple tuxedo with a white dress shirt, dark brown tie, white pocket square and a charcoal wool suit. You could add a purple scarf and a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

Blue and purple are of the same family and hence they would pair well with each other. If you need an awesome look that could make you look fabulous for the important events then you can style the branded purple tuxedo vest with a white dress shirt, navy polka dot tie and a navy long coat. To complement the look in the best way, you could add a pair of navy socks and navy suede tassel loafers.

If you need a change of look, you could style the vest without the suit jacket or blazer. This could give you a semi formal look that can work for the events where you cannot wear a suit or the casual garments. Also this style has become quite popular in recent days.

For a stylish look, you could pair the unique purple tuxedo vest with a white striped dress shirt, white print tie, yellow pocket square and a pair of brown chinos. This could easily be your summer or spring outfit and you can add with it a pair of navy socks and brown leather double monks for extra style.

For a office ready look, you could pair the navy dress shirt with a stylish purple tuxedo vest, white pocket square, navy check blazer and a pair of burgundy chinos. Simply add with this outfit a pair of black socks and black leather double monks to elevate the style.