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Kids Navy Blue Suit

A blue suit is a staple item in any man's wardrobe. This also applies for kids and thus we recommend you to get the navy blue suits when you purchase for the first suit of your child. Why we recommend navy blue suits as the first pick is that they are extremely versatile and thus can deliver a lot of different looks for your child. In this article we discuss the kids navy blue suits and some of the best ways to style them.

As mentioned before navy blue suit might be the most relevant versatile addition to your child's wardrobe since you can almost dress it for any type of event. Be it formal or casual or anything in between you can let the child wear kids navy blue suits. The key lies in styling the navy blue suits in different styles that conform with the formality of the event that you and your child are attending. If you are a new parent then here are some tips that might help you in the process of dressing your child in navy blue suits.

For a formal clean cut look go with pairing the kids navy blue suit with a white dress shirt. This will give the garment a classy look that can never go wrong. When you want a distinct look you can opt to go with light blue dress shirts or light pink dress shirts. The choice of the color of dress shirts can depend on the type of event that you are attending. Other than this you can also give in for a smart casual or casual look by pairing the navy blue suits with a T-shirt or a casual shirt. The versatility of the navy blue suit might be a great asset but it can also serve to be it's downfall. If you don't style it right your child might end up looking like a one having a confused parent. Thus make sure that you get to know the rules in styling the navy blue suits according to the formality of the event.

The next thing that you need to focus on is the fit of the navy blue suits. Most of the parents tend to dress their children in loose clothes thinking that the fitting ones might be uncomfortable for the little ones. But remember that a suit is a formal garment and no formal garment looks flattering when it is a few sizes too big. Both tight fitting clothes and loose fitting clothes tend to feel uncomfortable. Thus make sure that you go with fitting navy blue suits for your child.

Navy Toddler Suit Custom made boys navy blazer are the ones that are most recommended for the children because of the perfect fit. But the cost involved might be a little high and if you are not ready to spend much then go with off the rack navy blue suits. navy blue Slim fit suits and skinny fit navy blue suits are recommends for a perfect fitting look. But when you want a slightly roomier fit for your child then we recommend you to try out the kids navy blue classic fit suits and modern fit navy blue suits. If you feel that your child is not comfortable with any of the these fits then you can try out the kids navy blue big and tall suits. If you are worried about the growth spurts that the children are most prone to then try getting the suit one size bigger and then take it to your tailor to have it altered to your child's current size. This way you can use the suit even after the child grows a little.

You are not going to buy a lot of suits for your child since there are very few events that requires the child to be dressed in suits. Thus make sure that you go with high quality navy blue suits and not some cheap quality navy blue suits. The kids navy blue cheap priced suits might look like a quality one but the performance will definitely be of a lower grade than the high priced suits. This is a main thing to note since comfort of the child while wearing the suit is the first and foremost thing that you should note while purchasing for the navy blue suit. Thus it is most recommended to avoid the synthetic ones like polyester navy blue suits and rayon kids navy blue suits.

Kids Blue Suit
Natural fabric navy blue suits like kids navy blue wool suits and cotton navy blue suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal events. kids navy blue Linen suits and seersucker navy blue suits are best for semi formal and casual summer events like weddings. For a dressed up look you can dress your child in luxury fabrics like kids navy blue silk suits and kids navy blue velvet suits. They have a rich look to them and when in dark colors give out a royal vibe which can make your child easily stand out among the crowd.

Family weddings are one of the obvious events for which we tend to dress our children in suits. A peak lapel kids blue suit paired with a light blue dress shirt is a cool look. You can add a bow tie or a long tie as per your child's wish or even lose the tie option altogether. If he has a integral role to play in the event like being a ring bearer then you can dress him in kids navy blue shawl lapel suits. Notch lapel kids blue suits are more casual when compared to the above two styles. When you need a versatile garment then go with single breasted kids navy blue suits instead of kids navy blue double breasted suits. The former can be worn to almost all type of events while the latter has an unmistakable formal vibe to it.