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Kids Blue Suit

When you think of buying a suit the first recommendation that you will probably get is to go with blue suits. This is because of their versatility and the ease of styling. Versatility becomes a major need when you buy suits for your child. Thus blue suits are the best choice especially if you are introducing your child to formal clothing for the first time. In this article we discuss the blue suits and some styling ideas for your little one to look dashing in his suit.

Toddler Wedding Suit

Another reason why blue scores a lot in formal garments style is that they are not as harsh as the black suits and also not too dull like the gray suits. They have the perfect balance and this is one of the best characteristics of a formal garment. Blue as a color suits almost all skin colors and also can be paired well with almost garments of all colors. When we buy suits for our children we tend to get the ones that can be the most versatile since we never intend to get a collection of kids suits. Thus getting a blue suit might satisfy the need since you can style your child in blue suit to almost any events without looking out of place. All you need to do is a slight style variation that makes the suit appropriate for the event that you are attending whether be it formal, casual or semi formal.

Formal 3 Piece Suit There are a lot of shades in blue and you should be careful while selecting the shade since it greatly influenced the formality of the suit. Darker the shade of the blue suits more formal it is. For example if you go with kids navy blue suit then you can style it to almost all events Especially the formal ones. Navy blue suits paired with a white dress shirt and a suitable tie is a great choice for a formal wedding or any other formal gathering. This is the reason why dark blue suits like navy blue suits and midnight blue kids suits are the ones that are most preferred especially if you are getting the first suit for your child.

The lighter ans brighter shades of blue suits are recommended when you need to dress your child for semi formal and casual events. Bright blue suits and light blue suits will have a refreshing look about them that makes them look less formal. The season at which the event is held also influences the look of the suit. Gloomy seasons like winter and fall have a sleepy feel and thus the darker shades work the best. But the summer and spring seasons will have a Celebratory feel thus making the brighter shades relevant.

The brighter and lighter suits might draw a lot of attention and this is one of the reasons why men tend to avoid wearing these suits. But when it comes to children it is not a big deal since they look good in brighter colors. The season at which the event is held not only influences the shade but also the fabric of the kids blue suit. For example if it is a winter event then it is best to go with kids blue wool suits so that the child remains warm. There are different weights in wool and you can choose the one that suits your need. For summer and spring use go with lightweight blue suits like kids blue cotton suits and linen blue suits. For a special look you can opt for luxurious ones like silk blue suits and velvet blue suits. The choosing of the fabric is an important factor since they directly influence the comfort. Children are not adjustable to the uncomfortable clothing as adults do. This is the reason why the synthetic ones like polyester blue suits and rayon blue suits are mostly not recommended.

As for styling the blue suits it is not important that you stick with the rules strictly. It is allowable to deviate slightly since there is a child involved. But make sure that the blue suit outfit that you style is appropriate for the event that you and your child are attending.

The classic style is to pair the single breasted kids blue suit with a white dress shirt and a black long tie. If the event that you are attending is a wedding then you can go with a black bow tie. This is a look that is worthy for any formal event and is also even applicable when you child is the ring bearer or the flower boy for the wedding. If you want a little more formal look you can swap the single breasted style with the double breasted kids blue suits.

For a tonal look you can pair the 2 piece kids blue suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy tie. This is an easy look to style that also looks impeccable if styled right. The vested kids blue 3 piece suits will give a more formal look but remember that there is a extra layer involved which your child might find uncomfortable to wear.

For a family wedding you can dress your child in a notch lapel kids blue suit and a pink dress shirt. You can add a tie or let the shirt alone for a laid back look. If you are matching the grooms look you can dress him in shawl lapel kids blue suit or peak lapel kids blue suits. Other details to note include the number of buttons, types of pockets, vents and many more. The fit of the suit is a detail that needs a special mention. Go with fitting styles for your child instead of loose ones. kids blue Slim fit suits and kids blue classic fit suits are good choices when you need a decent fitting look for your child.