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Daniel Craig Suits

Hollywood has been always particular about the clothing style and rightfully so. There are many prominent styles that trended because of the Hollywood stars wearing it. One of those stars who dresses impeccably on and off screen is Daniel Craig. There is no introduction needed for the modern James Bond since he has a worldwide popularity. James Bond is one of the most popular and long running film franchise that has fans all over the world. Daniel Craig's portrayal of James Bond was considered to be one of the best among others. Even off screen the formal and casual outfits that he wears are stylish making him one of the fashionable celebrities. In this article we discuss Daniel Craig suits and the fashion points which you can take from the man.

2 Button Outfit Daniel Craig rose to stardom when he landed the role in James Bond in the 2006 Bond movie casino Royale. Like all of the James Bond films in this too the main character was seen wearing perfectly tailored suits that looks both stylish and age appropriate. But what makes the man special is that he maintains the elegance and stylishness even while off screen. The man is well known for wearing incredibly well tailored suits for the events he attends. If you are a person who is new to the suits style then you can take a lot of inspiration from the British actor. Here are some of the fashion ideas that will help you build your wardrobe like that of Daniel craig.

If you observe the Daniel suits in the James Bond you would have noted that the tailoring and the fit of the suit are some of the most important things that make the suit look perfect. All the Daniel suits in the James bond films are sharply tailored. Whichever character he portrays for this mission he is seen dressed in suits that fit him like a glove. As for the making of the Daniel suits in James Bond there were many prominent suiting brands like tom ford and brioni involved for different movies. Daniel Craig designer suits are a good choice but the price involved might be considered to be a little too high. But when you get a quality suit that fits you like a glove then you would not want to spend thousands of dollars on the designer suits.

As mentioned before the fit is one of the defining factors of the Daniel Craig suits. For the perfect fit of the suit you will have to consider your body type and the fit that is perfect for it. In case of Daniel Craig he has a well built physique and the designer suits for justice for his body type. Custom made Daniel suits might be a good choice but you can also opt to go with off the rack suits. For example if you are a tall and lean person then you can go with the skinny fit Daniel suits or the Daniel Craig slim fit suits. If you have a slightly broader frame then you can try out the Daniel Craig classic fit suits or the modern fit Daniel suits. If these fits do not complement your body type then you can try out the daniel Craig big and tall suits and have it altered according to your choice with the help of your local tailor.

As for the style of the Daniel suits you should select the one that would suit your taste and style. Here we trace the style evolution of the Daniel suits through the James Bond movies. You can go through the styles and then choose the one that would complement your style and body type.

Casino Royale was the first James Bond film in which Daniel Craig played the role of Bond. If you don't know already James Bond is a popular movie franchise which follows the life of a secret Service agent as he embarks on the missions alloted to him. James Bond is a character that is famous for the clothing style that has almost defined an era of formal menswear. Daniel Craig in casino Royale also lives up to the fame by going with well tailored suits and tuxedo in the film.

One of the famous picks from the film is the Daniel Craig navy suit. He wears this suit on two instances and the simple suit looks great on the man. The navy Daniel Craig two button suit features dual vents and he wears the jacket open throughout the scenes. He styled this navy Daniel Craig linen suit with a light blue dress shift and a pair of brown shoes. Daniel Craig is seen wearing linen suits on the film in many instances. The above mentioned navy linen suit is one while he sports a light grey linen daniel Craig suit on his visit to the Bahamas. The cool summer daniel Craig linen suit style is a winner since he effortlessly carries off the look. The Daniel Craig light grey suit is paired with a short sleeve white shirt and brown derby shoes. The peak lapel Daniel suit is single breasted and has a three button closure. The light colored Daniel suit style is a good choice when you want cool smart casual summer style.

Another one of the famous picks is the charcoal blue Daniel suit. This notch lapel Daniel suit is paired with a classic white dress shirt and a light grey tie which gives the man a sophisticated look. Another one of the iconic Daniel Craig casino Royale suit look is the navy three piece suit. This Daniel Craig three piece suithas a vintage touch to it and is paired with a light blue shirt and blue patterned tie. As for the scene in which Bond wears a tuxedo Daniel Craig is seen sporting the impeccable black attire look in casino Royale. The Daniel Craig black tuxedo look is perfect with the tuxedo jacket having the traditional single fastening and large peak lapels with grosgrain facings. This would be a good choice when you dress for the most important events like black tie events or a formal wedding.

Black tuxedo 2 Button Outfit

The next James Bond film from which we are going discuss about the Daniel suits is the quantum of solace. While brioni designed the Daniel Craig James Bond suits for casino Royale tom ford replaces him as the designer for quantam of solace. Most of the time you would find James Bond wear only navy suits or grey suits while on the character since it supposedly helps with the subtlety. Thus the Daniel Craig brown suit in quantum of solace is the only brown suit that he wears in all of the four 007 movies where he played the character of James Bond. This Daniel Craig mohair suit proves to be a good choice considering the hot climate of Bolivia where he is on the mission. He pairs this brown Daniel Craig James Bond suit with a white spread collar shirt and tan color tie. This Daniel Craig notch lapel suit features the signature tom ford style of 3 roll 2 button front closure and double rear vent. The trousers of this Daniel Craig tom ford suit have adjusters at the sides and a waistband instead of a belt. The fit of this Daniel suit is perfect with the jacket featuring a suppressed waist and the pants having narrow legs and flat fronts.

The next recommendation is the Daniel Craig blue suit and this resembles most of the other blue suits in the James Bond films. But considering the change in designers the classic blue Daniel suit also undergoes some changes in the details. This Daniel Craig two piece suit features blue striped instead of the white ones as in the case with other blue striped James Bond suits. Again the tom ford signature button front comes into play for the suit jacket and this suit also features a extra ticket pocket.

The charcoal Daniel suit that he wears in quantum of solace is one of the best tom ford suits and is the one that is most recognisable James Bond suit that Daniel Craig has worn during his time as James Bond. This three button Daniel suit comes with the notch lapel with the lapel rolled to the middle button and the has double rear vent and ticket pocket at the waist portion. This Daniel Craig charcoal suit was paired with the white poplin shirt and black formal shoes.

Daniel Craig skyfall suits were designed by many temime and in the third Daniel Craig bond film apart from the suits style the outerwear style of Bond was also perfect. The Daniel Craig grey suit that he wears in the opening chasing scene of the film is one of the most popular James Bond suits. This Daniel Craig sharkskin suit comes with a notch lapel and three button closure. This grey Daniel Craig slim fit suit is paired with a white tab collar shirt and a loud patterned tie. A white handkerchief is present in the breast pocket of the suit jacket and he completes the look with a pair of crocket and Jones shoes.

White Tuxedo The next Daniel Craig charcoal suit was the one that was featured on the promotional pictures of skyfall. This charcoal striped Daniel suit comes with a notch lapel and a single rear vent. This skyfall Daniel suit is similar to the other James Bond suits in terms of style and the fit. He pairs this daniel Craig suit with a white dress shirt and charcoal tie. The glen Daniel Craig plaid suit that he wears during his meet with Gareth Mallory is another one of the best examples for a stylish and classic suit style. This Daniel Craig classic suit comes with a notch lapel and 3 button front. He pairs this formal Daniel suit with a classic white dress shirt and a dark colored tie. It is important that you note that in all the Daniel suits the last button of the suit jacket is left open to facilitate comfortable movement. At the end of the film he features a navy herringbone Daniel suit. Though this daniel Craig herringbone suit had much less screen time when compared to other suits it still managed to capture the attention of the viewers.

In his last portrayal of james Bond Daniel Craig still manages to impress with the style and acting. Tom Ford returns to be the designer and spectre features some of the iconic James Bond suit styles. One of the best looks of Bond in this film is the three piece Daniel Craig black suit that he wears to the funeral of the spectre agent. The fit of this black herringbone Daniel Craig suit is better than any of the other suits that he wears throughout the movie. This black single breasted Daniel Craig suit features wide peaked lapel and two button front. Another Daniel Craig spectre suit that is worth mentioning is the blue windowpane suit that he wears in Mexico. This Daniel Craig windowpane suit has the same signature detailing as the other tom ford James Bond suits.

Apart from James Bond the recent portrayal of Daniel Craig as a detective in knives out also produces suiting lessons for the men. Jenny eagan was the costume designer for the film and chooses the outfit for the local detective with care. The hopsack Daniel Craig wool suit that he wears in the movie can be easily mistaken to be a tweed suit. Throughout the movie the Daniel Craig suits are most dark colored to maintain the formal look while the designer experiments with the color and pattern of the shirts and the ties. If you want a formal style with a touch of classiness then you can try out the Daniel Craig knives out suits.