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Daniel Craig Suit

Daniel Craig Suit

Daniel Craig may be best known as James Bond in some parts of the world. With acting in the James Bond franchise films he has become the face of the beloved fictional character. He also have starred in other hits like The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Adventures of Tintin and most recently a charming investigator in Knives out. Unintentionally or most probably intentionally he has maintained the mysterious aura around the characters that he plays. While there is no speculations on how good he is as an actor he is also an equally good dresser. The man pulls off styles so cleanly that everything he wears looks like it was made for him ( maybe it actually was). Thus he is a notable icon when it comes to fashion both on screen and off screen. This article follows some of his fashion choices and the rules that you can follow to look stylish even in forties.

The key rule when it comes to Daniel Craig style is to stick to conservative color palette and never stray away from that. Black, grey and navy are some of the repeated colors that he chooses with only subtle variations. The details is what makes the man unique. A stylish watch with a perfect pocket square along with a classic well fitted Daniel Craig suit is all it takes to rock any event. Grey is a color that can be branded Daniel Craig. Grey suits in different shades is seen worn by him all over the movies and has become his signature style. The color works incredibly well with his eye color making him look sharp and charismatic. Whether it be concrete or slate the shade that you choose depends purely on your taste and preference. You can also go with patterned Daniel Craig suits since light shades of grey look perfect with patterns. Keep the Daniel Craig suits style to classic and the fit of the suit is what matters the most. If possible get it tailored but the time and the money involved is sometimes unreasonable. So you can go with off the rack Daniel Craig suits but make sure to get it fitted to your taste. Online shopping is a good option. You will only have to know your measurements and then compare it with the size charts available in the sites and then order your pick.

Another famous garment in Daniel Craig style is the overcoats. The man is often seen wearing overcoats or topcoats especially in airport fashion. When it comes to formal overcoats both single breasted and double breasted styles work. Again the key point is to stick with classic muted colors like black or navy blue. Peacoats are a good pick. When it comes to details go with peak lapels and flap pockets and if possible add gloves to the ensemble.

The only time in James Bond where Daniel strays away from the muted suits is the party suits. When it comes to these kind of suits go with light colors like cream or white and make sure to add shawl collars.

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