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Top Seven Tips to take from The Kingsmen

You want to be the best dressed man in the room standing apart knowing when you walk in you are there to stand out.


Tip number one: To steal from Th e Kingsmen Suits is knowing a gentlemen owns their image this means to know what you stand for and have the confidence to wear clothing that sends that message. If you're a student with aspirations graduate number one in your class dress like that student if you're a young engineer you're a young consultant you're an up-and-coming doctor you are a lawyer that's been in your practice for 30 years and has had great success dress to that part don't betray people's expectation.

If ready to be in a bold unique vibrant orange blazer ready to demand a room then own it.

The Kingsmen gentlemen dress with confidence.


mens dress suitsTip number two: to steal from The Kingsmen Suit is The style pyramid There are three types of suit cuts out there in general. You're going to see the silhouette of the English you're going to see the Italian silhouette you're going to see the American silhouette. American is based off the rack suits made to cut. The Italian is going to be closer to the body not really with any form, and then we're going to get to the English here we see a lot of structure in the suit we're going to see built up shoulders we're going to see a built-up chest area in and around the waist it's going to be very trim overall this gives almost like a feeling of a suit of armor but this is a very well-crafted overall silhouette something that is very distinctive and when we see this maybe we don't know what we're seeing but it just feels right.

Throughout the movie all the actors on their clothing whether it be casual or formal we saw immaculate fits we see high arm holes we also see it where you can always see a little bit of cuff those small details the way their trousers fit them nothing was overly loose those details matter and they nailed it.

Style Tip number Three:to steal from The Kingsmen Suit kingman-suit Let's talk about the fabric and the build quality so when you're looking at the clothing you're looking at the thread cout, the stichig, the lining and this dosen't mean you need to break the bank. It's all on how you accessorize. You're looking at the luxury goods in the movie you notice they look really good I mean those shoes are beautiful why are they so nice because they're using a high-end leather they take well to a Polish with the clothing with the suits these are suits that are thousands of dollars with that you're getting a very nice fabric that has a great drape. Clothing is your suit of armor when you go into a business proposal trying to close a million-dollar deal this is something I think it's worth the investment.

kingsmanthegoldencircleharryStyle Tip number Four: definetly one of the favorite to steal from The Kingsmen Suits is the double-breasted suit. You have the V formation giving you a formal elegant unique look you're going to see this sometime with pick sticking and in some cases with a ticket pocket. We saw the double vents on the back perfect for all the action these actors got. Find a look that works for you something maybe s a bit different something that makes it distinctive something thats going to help you stand out from the pack whatever it is just make sure to own it make it yours.

mens dress

kingsman suitsStyle Tip number Five: to steal from The Kingsmenis the regimental striped tie so throughout the movie you'll notice that the different characters they're all wearing the same striped tie. You can make and give your accessories a special meaning if you find something that makes you feel good and confident and you want to bring it into your wardrobe why not.

mens suitsStyle Tip number Six : from The Kingsmen pay attention to the small details, so you'll notice on their jackets they have a simple presidential fold pocket square this small detail on a jacket makes a huge difference so whenever you're getting dressed whenever you're in your uniform, or whether it be casual event if it is something that's going to be more formal pay attention to those small details they make all the difference even if it means adding any small details like a pin.

Seven king sman suitsStyle Tip number Seven For King sman Suits : The right shoe for the right job, address you like this is perfe ct for what you went with and make it work. With shoes oftentimes it is going to be a dress shoe but make sure to I pay attention and invest in the right Footwear I advise you to look at good shoes and yes you may cry once about the price but after that you're going to feel great in your going to look good and guys it's a huge confidence boost when you get your first pair of amazing fitted dress shoes. If you're going for a casual look make sure that your shoes are well-polished and well put together yes you may be wearing a type Sneakers but make sure they're the right type of sneakers maybe go for something that's going to be a little bit nicer something that's really going to make that outfit pop speaking of Footwear Gentlemen.

Many of us would have marvelled the suits the handsome men wore in the Kingsman franchise. This action comedy follows the adventures of a fictional character who happens to be a Saville Row tailor which is also the headquarters of an elite spy force. After hearing the storyline the incredible style and range of the kingsman suits that every character wears may make sense, I mean a tailor should of course be dressed perfect especially having a side job as a spy.

Now coming back to suits this film has many characters each impeccably dressed but also have varied styles. One of the most used king sman suit in this film is the business suit. This is monochromatic being the most simple and understated one among all others. It is double breasted and is light grey in color. This king man suit is a perfect pick for a formal setting and easily pass as a business suit.

More into the film the kings man suit styles start to become bolder. The main character Harry Hart is seen wearing a broad self stripeskingsman suit with a club tie. This kingsman suit is also double breasted and oozes authority. They have button holes on the lapels which is a detail you can remember in case you decide to replicate the style.

The patterned kingsman suits in the film have played a major role. A grey double breasted kingsman suit with a yellow windowpane check is a ravishing pick. In the film you can also note that the kings man suits that the characters wear reflect their personality. The main protagonist in the film is first a delinquent who then is taken under the wing of Harry Hart. The transformation in the outfits of the said character is incredible making him look the part within seconds. He sports a chalk trip kings man suit with a club tie along with a pair of glasses and a ice white pocket square.

Every movie has a part in which the characters have to attend a ball or a party or a fund raising event especially in spy movies. Kingsman is no exception and the characters rock the dinner suit style with class. A navy kingsman suit with classic shawl lapel along with a splendid bow tie and white pocket square is a perfect look on those gentlemen.

As said before the styles of the kingsman suits in the film reflected each characters personality. The character of the leader of this Secret Service is a snobbish aristocrat who does everything in perfect style. Thus the styles that he wear whether be it suits, shirts or shoes everything is perfect. If you want to go with this style then make sure that you stick with classic styles like peaked lapels and the lapels also should match the wearers frame. French cuffs are a must on the shirt and better yet to go with flashy cufflinks.

Merlin is the quartermaster in the film and follows a more casual style. He sticks with British Army jumpers which are practical styles.