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Gatsby Suit

You would have definitely watched the film The Great Gatsby and would have at one point admired the way that the men dress and also the elegant way they carry themselves. While some still argue that the film has not done justice to the original 1920s styles it still looks good and what looks good is worthy of trying on. If you do not know it already the film is based upon a novel and in that the author describes Jay Gatsby as a total clotheshorse. His love for clothes especially suits is no secret and for a man of his status and wealth it is no worrying problem. Now in this article we are going to discuss some of the famous looks the gentlemen in the film sport.

First we will start with our favourite hero Gatsby himself. He is the definition for dandy and he has a roomful of shirts. Like literally. In the film the man is seen wearing a tuxedo which has some minute details instilled in them which needs closer look. A classic version of tuxedo would usually sport peak lapels, a single button and no vents. But Gatsby does everything in style and the tux he wears had side vents, flap pockets and three buttons. The vest that he wears is cut high and has five buttons on it. The tux has gauntlet cuffs which is not a usual in tuxedos and thats what makes it unique.

In another scene he is seen dressed top notch even after an all night party. He is seen wearing a casual summer suit in ivory linen. The summer fabric suit has peak lapels and the man wears it with a odd vest and spectator shoes. You can purchase this great Gatsby suit since it is versatile and can be dressed up and down easily. You can wear them on weekend parties or for weddings. Keep the color light and also the color of the accessories like ties and pocket squares.

Tom Buchanan is the one Gatsby envies in every possible aspect. The man is perfect and possesses power and money in abundance. Thus it is only appropriate that he dressed the part. The man is seen wearing double breasted three piece Gatsby suits in either grey or navy. The shirts that he wears are always French cuffed along with gold cufflinks. If you are dressing his part make sure to keep it simple and elegant.

If you are sticking the original 20s style then there are some details you will have to remember to nail the look. The Gatsby suits at that time were the first predecessor of the ones we have now and so stick with slim fitting Gatsby suits. You can go with the pastel pink one that Gatsby wears in the film. For the formal side the classic tuxedo is the best choice. As for the footwear the two color style of brogues was a famous style at that time. You can wear them with any Gatsby suits but for tux stick with the black ones.