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Mens Navy Blue Tuxedo

Navy-Blue-Colored-Deville-Tuxedo Tuxedos are garments that we mostly don't think about until the need for it looms on our front. Be it weddings or any important event where you want to look impeccable tuxedos are our instant go to. But the main thing with tuxedos is that they are the formal garments and thus the details involved also should conform with the standard. Black tuxedos have dominated the formal mens clothing market but recently the trend is slightly deviating and this is a welcome one since there are many men who want a change from the age old black tuxedos. Thus in this article we discuss about the trend which is the dark blue tuxedos and some tips to style it the best.

Tuxedos are mostly cautiously approached by men as opposed to their slightly laid back cousin which is the suits since tuxedos come with sartorial etiquette and some dress codes which might frighten some on the first look. Also the price involved with tuxedos isn't the same as suits and you cannot afford to buy a collection of tuxedos if you are a buyer of need. Thus when you get a dark navy tuxedo there are many factors to note with the main thing being the color of the tuxedo so that you can wear it to events as many as possible without looking out of place. When you are in the need for a versatile garment then we would recommend you to try out the dark blue tuxedos.

Mens-Navy-Wedding-Tuxedo Dark colored garments have always had a more formal look when compared with their light colored counterparts. Dark blue tuxedos aren't a new breakthrough and have ruled the market once before in history. It was the time when the midnight blue tuxedos overtook the black tuxedos and preferred the former a lot. This was because of the fact that the black tuxedos looked dull if not brand new and also did not score well when worn to daytime events. Enter midnight blue tuxedos with the rich color that looked great both under artificial lighting and natural lighting. Again the versatility of the garment scored and thus for a certain period of time men preferred going with these dark blue tuxedos rather than the dull black tuxedos. But soon the tradition won again with black tuxedos gaining their place.

But in recent times people are brave enough to divert from the default traditional choices and instead dress for their own personality. Proof for this might be the increasing trend of grooms replacing the black tuxedos with colored tuxedos even the light ones like midnight blue tuxedos and more. But if you are not ready for the pink tuxedos but would still like to try something other than the black tuxedos then dark blue tuxedos must be your choice. The dark shade of these dark blue tuxedos paired with the richness of blue will give you a refreshing look among the crowd of usual black tuxedos.

Blue is a color that men are known to be most comfortable with and thus starting out with dark blue tuxedos might be a good choice. Also blue is a versatile color and it being in the darkest shade makes the garment easier to style to almost any formal event. Thus if you are thinking of getting a new tuxedo then we recommend you to seriously consider getting light blue tuxedos. If you are thinking of getting dark blue tuxedos then here are some tips that we might think will help you in the process of picking it out.

Double-Breasted-Navy-Blue-Tuxedo The first thing to note is the fabric from which the tuxedos are made since they greatly influence the quality of the tuxedo. If you are good enough with the budget then we would always recommend you to go with high quality dark blue tuxedos that are made from natural fabrics. The synthetic fabric blue tuxedos with black lapel like the polyester dark blue tuxedos and rayon dark blue tuxedos are cheaper but the quality and durability is affected a great deal.

When it comes to natural fabric for a formal event we recommend you to go with wool dark blue tuxedos or cotton dark blue tuxedos making the choice based on the season at which the event is held in. For a semi formal summer event you can choose linen dark blue tuxedos and for a casual event you can try out the seersucker dark blue tuxedos. If you are groom of the wedding then it is advisable for you to stand out a little on your special day with luxurious ones like silk dark blue tuxedos and velvet dark blue tuxedos. The wedding is a event where people intend to dress impeccably and thus for the groom to have a special look these luxurious dark blue tuxedos are recommended.

Shiny-Blue-Slim-Fit-Suits The reason why we recommend dark blue tuxedos for the weddings even to the grooms is that the formal navy blue tuxedos have a traditional look that does not deviate much from the black tuxedo look. Also it is a elegant color which also makes room for the details to show. Patterns might not work well with black tuxedos since the traditional solid black tuxedo look has been branded as the proper one. But with dark blue tuxedos you can experiment a little by going with Paisley dark blue tuxedos and floral dark blue tuxedos.

As for the rules involved in wearing a tuxedo unless it is for a strict black tie event you can afford to break it a little. You can easily style the peak lapel dark blue tuxedos as separates sometimes even with casual garments. For this versatile option the main thing that you will have to do is to focus on the fit of the garment. Always go with slimmer styles unless you feel uncomfortable wearing it. Slim fit dark blue tuxedos and modern fit dark blue tuxedos are the usual recommendations but when you need a roomier fit you can choose the classic fit dark blue tuxedos.