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Mens Colorful Blazer

Though the men are very comfortable with their navy blazers and charcoal blazers sometimes it is better to dress in something colorful than these usual neutral shades. Though going with the colorful blazer on an impulse seem to be an easy choice most men tend to avoid doing it since they consider the colorful blazer to be hard to style. Thus in this article we discuss the colorful blazers and some of the styling ideas by which you can rock the outfit in style.

Yellow Blazer While the seasons change the colorful blazer or any of the colorful clothing seems to have a association with the summer and spring. The bright colors tend to look great under the pouring natural light and thus these colorful blazer are recommended for the warmer months rather than the gloomy months like winter or fall. The colorful blazers are a good choice for the people who are testing out the trend without going all out with the colorful suits.

When we say colorful blazer it is a vague term since many would wonder which colors we are referring. There are a lot of colors and some might wonder even the aforementioned navy and charcoal also come under this category. But when it comes to colorful blazers we mention all the colors that are outside the ones that are considered to be neutrals. The main ones we eliminate are the black, navy and grey shades. Thus all the usual blazers that you have in your wardrobe are eliminated and it is time to try out something new.

Colorful Blazer The white blazers can also be classified as colorful blazer though it comes under the neutral color department. Since it comes under the brighter brethren the tailoring takes it under the colorful blazer category. Other than this one of the major trends of this season is the pastel blazers. These soft colorful blazer have become to be a major sensation in recent times. The pastel colorful blazer are pale in shade and thus perfectly fit the celebratory vibe of the spring and summer. These lighter toned colorful blazer don't trap heat like the dark colored blazers like black blazers or such.

There are a lot of styles in colorful blazers and you should select the details keeping in mind the events for which you are styling it. For a striking look of colorful blazer you can go with the royal blue blazer since it is considered to be the key color trend for the spring and summer seasons. There are also other shades in colorful blue blazers like the cobalt blue blazers, aqua blue blazers and pastel blue blazers. For a smart casual look you can wear the Royal Blue colorful peak lapel blazer paired with a pale blue shirt and neutral khaki chinos. You can also add to this a tie and a pocket square and pass this outfit for a semi formal event. The lighter shades are considered to be the casual colorful blazer and they are recommended for beach parties and other such events. As for the shoes you can go with the casual yet stylish ones like double monks or brogues.

If you want a little more solid and rich look then we recommend you to go with the richer shades of colorful blazer. Some of the best recommendations are the burgundy blazers and olive green blazers. The dark shades of these colors provide you with rich look especially when it is of luxurious fabrics. Thus when you choose to go with this style consider getting the colorful silk blazers or the colorful velvet blazers. The burgundy blazers are getting a lot of attention in recent times with all the major celebrities favoring the style. A burgundy notch lapel colorful blazer paired with a black roll neck jumper and grey trousers is a simple yet stylish look. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather tassel loafers. But when you need a classy look you can choose to go with black velvet slippers. The pairing of the burgundy or olive green with black creates a elegant look that you can easily rock for the evening events.

If you are attending a summer wedding and looking for something bright to wear then go with the colorful blazer choice of white blazers. For a dandy yet formal look you can pair the white colorful 2 button blazer with a printed shirt and navy dress pants. If you want a little more casual look then you can choose the navy chinos or jeans instead of the dress pants. If you are attending a beach wedding and opting for a casual look then you can pair a white colorful floral blazer with a navy shorts. But make sure that you go with the fitting ones like the dress shorts. For the summer use go with the lightweight colorful blazer like the colorful linen blazers and colorful cotton blazers so that you can be comfortable even under scorching temperatures.

If you are the groom then you can go with the styles of colorful blazers that will make you stand out on your special day. For example you can go with the light pink blazer or for a trendy look you can also try out the rose gold blazer style. A light pink shawl lapel colorful blazer paired with a white dress shirt and light grey trousers might be a cool look for a summer wedding. You can complete the look with a pair of navy dress shoes or navy suede shoes for a casual stylish look.

The most important thing with the colorful blazers is that they should be of the perfect fit. Often colorful slim fit blazers and modern fit colorful blazers are recommended since the fitting styles offer the wearer with good silhouette rather than the loose fitting clothes. But if you like the comfortable clothing style you can choose the classic fit colorful blazers or even try out the colorful big and tall blazers whichever is comfortable.