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Men's Navy Blue ANd White Tuxedos

Thinking of buying a tuxedo? Want a versatile one that you can use for other events too? Navy blue and white tuxedos are the best choices available in the market. When it comes to tuxedos, most people would immediately think of black tuxedos since it is the most standard choice. But with time this has changed and now a lot of men are preferring to choose the navy blue and white Men's tuxedos instead. With the navy blue and white Men's tuxedos, you have the option of styling them to various events and it blends right in. In this article we will discuss more about navy blue and white Men's tuxedos and how you can make the look work.

Navy Suit If you know the history of tuxedos then you might already know that the popularity of the navy blue tuxedos is not a big surprise. There was already a time in the last century when the men started to choose midnight blue tuxedos over black tuxedos. Black tuxedos were the standard but they looked quite dull when worn for the morning events. On the other hand midnight blue tuxedos looked best in any type of events because of the deeper shade. Even though black tuxedos regained their importance the craze about the blue tuxedos did not fully fade. Even today when there are important events like the award events and such, we see a lot of celebrities choosing the navy blue tuxedos over the black tuxedos.

Blue is a versatile color and thus can be styled with almost all colors even more so when it is of darker shade. Navy blue tuxedos will be a great addition to your wardrobe since you can mix and match it with various garments. While navy blue matches well with most colors the most basic combination that people choose is navy blue with white. This is a failproof combination that could work for any event and hence is chosen frequently.

One reason that most men avoid choosing the tuxedos is because they are less versatile than the suits. You cannot wear the tuxedos for a normal day at work but you can style them as separates. It all depends on how confident you are with your style. With the right type of styling you can wear the tuxedos for the semi formal and casual events too.

1 Button Tuxedo While getting the navy blue and white tuxedo style, it is important to note the details. Usually wool tuxedos are recommended since they instantly bring out the formal look for the garment. But if you live in a place where the weather is usually hot then you might have to choose the lightweight tuxedos like the cotton tuxedos. You can use the navy blue and white Men's tuxedo near me option to find the sites that have the options. If you have decided to get the navy blue and white tuxedo online then make sure to get the fit right. You can go with the designer navy blue and white Men's tuxedos of you have the budget. There are also navy blue and white low cost tuxedos available for people who prefer it.

Styling of navy blue and white tuxedos

Navy blue and white pair well with each other and you don’t have to do much about the styling. Here are some of the easiest ways to make the stylish navy blue and white Men's tuxedo look work.

The formal look

When there is a formal event involved – the ones that mention the dress codes in the invitation then you should go with the navy blue and white formal tuxedo look. This involves pairing the navy blue tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, navy blue vest and a navy velvet tie. It is important to add a pocket square and a pair of formal patent leather Oxford shoes to complete the look. This is the standard look that could work for all the formal events but you can also choose to make little more changes to the same. For example instead of choosing the simple attire as mentioned before you can go with styling the navy blue three piece tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. Match this outfit with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. Navy Blue with black would provide the best contrast for the outfit and make it stand out from the usual styles.

Contemporary styling

Dinner Jacket With the tuxedos the only option was to style with the tuxedo shirt and bow tie but this isn’t the case now. Men have started to style the tuxedos with the semi formal and casual garments too. If you are into trying these styles then you can start with styling the branded navy blue and white Men's tuxedo with the tuxedo shirt and pocket square. Leave out the tie since it instantly makes the whole outfit look formal. If you are attending a wedding as a guest then you can choose these outfits since it does not overpower the groom’s style.

Other than this you can also style the navy blue and white wedding tuxedos with other color combining garments. For example, you can go with the tonal look by styling the best quality navy blue and white Men's tuxedo with a light blue dress shirt. Instead of the usual black shoes, you can style the outfit with a pair of dark brown patent leather Oxford shoes.

Casual styling

Once you are quite used to the tuxedo style you can move on to the casual styling of the same. Styling the casual navy blue and white tuxedo jacket as separates can help. For example, you can choose to style the navy blue and white slim fit tuxedo jacket with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. You can also choose the party wear navy blue and white tuxedo styles. Patterned navy blue and white tuxedos like floral tuxedos and printed tuxedos have also become quite popular when it comes to party wear styles.