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Tuxedo Jacket

Womens Velvet Tuxedo Jackets

Shopping is exciting but when it is for special occasions where we can flaunt our style without conforming to the office dress codes the excitement is twofold. Most of us ladies love to dress up and these events provide us the gateway to make fashion choices without restricting ourselves too much. There are a lot of styles that can work out for you but today we want to talk to you about a specific style which is the velvet tuxedo blazer womens. This way you can wear the style for even the formal events but with a twist that showcases your sartorial prowess.

Velvet is a fabric that isn’t very new to the womenswear. We have been rocking velvet garments for a long time now and most of us are used to the soft and eye catching fabric. The thing with velvet is that it can make even the boring garment look eccentric. For example imagine a wool navy blazer that you have in your wardrobe. When you style it for any event you can easily blend in and in normal cases your outfit wouldn’t even receive a second glance. This is because of the fact that navy is a usual color and the favorite of the working people. But when it is a velvet navy tuxedo jacket the garment is not very different than the above mentioned one but because of the fabric your outfit will stand out from the rest of the people in the crowd. Thus velvet tuxedo jacket womens has a look that can never be ignored and when worn with confidence the look can make you an instant fashionista.

Red Tuxedo Blue Tuxedo Purple Tuxedo Orange Tuxedo

Of course the celebrities are in love with the velvet tuxedo jacket womens style and there are different versions of these velvet tuxedo jacket outfits that you can refer for style inspiration. If you are a person who loves the celebrity fashion then you can take a look at these outfits since it can give you an idea in the styling of the velvet tuxedo jacket womens. Before going to the celebrity styles make sire that you think about the event you are attending and then choose an appropriate style that could work out for you. While celebrity outfits can be awe inspiring they still can be too flashy when it is not put on for a red carpet. Thus consider the ones that you will feel comfortable in and also will be appropriate for the event that you are attending.

Velvet Tuxedo Kate Hudson

The first style that we are going to see is of the eternal heartthrob Kate Hudson. For this outfit she went on to channel her inner 70s lady by choosing to style herself in a pair of wide leg jeans which she paired with a sheer purple silk blouse and then for the last touch a purple printed velvet tuxedo jacket blazer. The shoes that she wear are lost behind the wide leg jeans but you can match the black or purple stilettos for the outfit.

Chloe Grave Moretz

If you are a person who rolls with the trend and do not mind rocking punk style a little then Chloe’s velvet tuxedo jacket outfit must be your choice. The star showed how to perfectly rock a look even when the accessories you have got is minimal. The velvet black tuxedo jacket that she wears in this outfit is a minimal one but she pairs it brilliantly with a graphic t-shirt and strappy fitting pants. She matches the cool vibe of the outfit with the casually styled hair and a pair of lace up boots. If the event you are attending is a casual one but you still need to look dressed up then this the best outfit choice and even when you choose to imitate the same outfit it can work for you.

ie Jenner

Green Tuxedo Now you have a fashion event to attend you will have to stun the viewers with your outfit. This is where Kylie Jenner’s velvet blue tuxedo jacket outfit comes in. Usually with mens velvet tuxedo jacket there are a lot of combining garments that is required to make the outfit work. But contrary to velvet mens tuxedo jacket style you can make the look work with minimal garments and the proof lies with Kylie Jenner. The model styled a blue velvet tuxedo jacket blazer as a dress and the only accessories that she used to carry the look are a sapphire clutch and metallic lace up sandals. If the light colored look of the blue velvet tuxedo jacket womens didn’t catch the eye of the viewers the boldness of styling the blazer as a full blown evening dress would sure do. If you are a person who is bored of the conventional styles and want to try new things with the garment then this is the outfit that you should look up to.


If you are ready for a bolder look that can instantly turn heads then we present you with Zendaya. The young star has always been a risk taker with fashion and she once again proved that she can rock any style with the scarlet red velvet outfit. For the iheart radio music awards the “Euphoria” star was spotted wearing scarlet suit separates blanketed by the velvet fabric. If you are bored with the conventional velvet tuxedo jacket vest suits then you should go with this type of look. While Zendaya paired it with gunmetal bralet you can go with a shirt or even a simple tshirt which will let the velvet outfit be the main focus.

Alexa Chung

One look that you can borrow of the bunch without changing anything is that of Alexa Chung. She goes with the dark velvet tuxedo jacket look which she pairs with a white camo and raw edged high waist jeans. To turn the outfit from basic to awesome you can add a pair of chunky boots and a delicate floral brooch.