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Mens Red Tuxedo Jacket With Black Lapels

Red is a color that often gets purposefully avoided in the menswear. And when it comes to formalwear the participation of the red garments is very rare. We have been tuned to stay with the obvious and safe choices like black tuxedos and navy suits. Thus red tuxedos jacket with black lapels might seem too much of a risk for most men. But in reality when you start to style it you will know that it is a easy style and that there is absolutely no need to panic. If you are still not convinced then this article is just for you. At the end of this article most of you might be convinced that red tuxedo jacket with black lapels is not that hard of a look to pull off.

Alberto Tuxedo Tuxedos and red in a same sentence might seem weird for many people especially the conventional dressers. But believe us when we say that the rules are starting to bend and it is always best to keep in par with the evolution. A whole red tuxedo might be intimidating for almost all men but when it is the red tuxedo jacket you can choose the combining garments as per your taste and thus make the outfit work. It will be the statement piece that will carry your outfit on the whole. If you are a person who love your colors but are hesitant about trying it out then mens red tuxedo jacket with black lapels should be your pick.

The reason why we recommend red tuxedos jacket with black lapels over simple red tuxedo jacket is that the former is more eye catching because of the contrast and having a neutral shade even to the minimal degree would be assuring for the men who are used to the subtle dressing. With the black lapels on the red tuxedo blazer you can style them with almost all neutral colored garments and the resulting look would be stunning.

What fabric would be the best for red tuxedo jacket?

Whatever be the color of the tuxedo jacket it still is a formal garment and thus it would work for most events. It might give you an overdressed vibe but you can never be underdressed when you are in the black lapel red tuxedo outfit.

Now depending on the event you are attending you should select the fabric of the tuxedo jacket. Wool red tuxedo jacket with black lapel or cotton red tuxedo jacket with black lapel are the two most recommended choices when you need a formal look. Tweed red tuxedo jacket is another choice that would work especially for the men who like a little texture to their outfit.

Shawl Collar Tuxedo On the other hand if you want a more casual or trendy look of the red tuxedo jacket then we have some recommendations for you. Imagine you are dressing to an event that is very important to you and you want to look all dressed up. In this case, the wool red tuxedo jacket is just not going to cut it. You will need a slightly flashy and “ I am here” type of look. For this, silk red tuxedo jackets or red velvet tuxedo jackets are our choice. The sheen offered by the garment will make you stand out among the crowd of usual dressers. If the event is more of a casual and fun type event like if you are dressing for a party then you are allowed to be more blingy with your outfit. Sequin red tuxedo jacket indeed is a bold style but the resulting look offered will blend right in with any type of fun casual event you are attending.

Styling a red tuxedo jacket

Styling of a red tuxedo jacket with black lapels involve picking out the right combining garments. This depends on the nature of the event that you are attending and the look that you are aiming for. Here are some of the examples of styling the mens red tuxedo jacket which might help you find your own look.

The formal look

When it comes to the formal events most have ditched the strict black tie dress code and now are satisfied with the creative black tie dress code. While the former requires it’s attendees to be strictly in either a black tuxedo or navy tuxedo this is not the case with creative black tie dress code. You get to find your own look and dabble with it. Red tuxedo jacket with black lapels would definitely be a good look for these types of formal events.

Red Tuxedo Slimfit Tuxedo Cheap Tuxedo Floral Tuxedo

Just put on the red tuxedo dinner jacket with black lapels and then pair the garment with white tuxedo dress shirt and black tuxedo pants. Do not forget the black bow tie since it is the essence of the dinner jacket outfit. While you can go with the newer and trendier options for footwear nothing beats the magic offered by the shiny patent black leather Oxford shoes. It rounds off the whole outfit together and makes it photo worthy. You can also choose this red black tuxedo jacket outfit for the weddings but only if you are the groom since it is a powerful look and you do not want to overpower the groom’s outfit.

Smart casual and casual styling

The thing with black tuxedo jacket is that they are versatile but in reality most people avoid wearing it as a smart casual or casual attire since it is too gloomy or dull. But this would not be the case with the mens red tuxedo jacket with black lapels. When you find the right combining garments you can definitely make the look work for any type of events.

For example styling a red tuxedo jacket with a white long sleeve dress shirt and black striped dress pants would be a cool look when you need a smart casual attire. red Slimfit tuxedo jacket paired with white crew neck t-shirt, navy long sleeve shirt and navy jeans would also be a flattering look.