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Mens Shawl Collar Tuxedo Jackets

Choosing a tuxedo is not a simple task and there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Among all these details the most important one is the lapels on the tuxedo jacket. Usually people go with the most formal ones and the preferred ones. Peak lapel tuxedos are the usual choice but when you need a better style that would make you look the best then you should think of going with shawl collar tuxedo jacket. You would have noted the men’s shawl collar tuxedo in the special occasions like the Oscar red carpets, James bond films and many others. Here we would like you to find your own style with the shawl collar tuxedos jacket. For people who are new to the technicalities of the tuxedos then you might want to know about the shawl collars.

What is a shawl collar or shawl lapel?

Shawl collar which is also known as the roll collar is one of the major styles of tuxedo or suit lapels. Though they are also seen on the suits they are most prevalent in the tuxedos and dinner jackets. The unique design of the shawl collar tuxedos jacket does not have a gorge. The collar along with the lapel comes in a single piece giving it a elegant look when compared with both peak lapels and notch lapels. This single piece is also the reason why it is best to be called as shawl collar instead of shawl lapel.

1 Button Tuxedo Gray Tuxedo Blue Tuxedo Red Tuxedo

Shawl collar tuxedo jackets are usually used for the formal events. If there is an event where there is a black tie dress code involved then black tuxedo shawl collar is a great choice. Other than black tuxedos there are also other choices that you can make. If you are a person who consider black tuxedos to be too simple or dull for your personality then you should try going with the dark colored tuxedos like shawl collar navy tuxedo jacket or midnight blue shawl collar tuxedos jacket. If you are restricting the tuxedo’s usage to the formal events then you should always stick to the dark colored tuxedo jackets.

Peak lapel tuxedos are considered to be the most formal of the lot but when you need a dressier look that can turn heads then you should go with shawl collar lapel tuxedo. There are various styles available in the market and you can go through the styles to find the right one for you. Shawl collars can come in both single breasted and double breasted styles. Depending on the event that you choose to attend you can select the shawl collar tuxedos jacket style.

Brown Tuxedo Single breasted styles are the ones that are most preferred for the people who are looking to style it for the formal events. 1 button shawl collar tuxedo is the best look since it will provide you with the stylish and standard look. Other than this you can also choose to go with the double breasted shawl collar mens tuxedo since it can give a more formal look. But double breasted tuxedo styles usually come with the 6×2 button styles and they are rarer than the single breasted styles. If you are a person who loves to stand out with everything you do even if it is in a subtle way then you can choose to go with the mens shawl collar double breasted tuxedo jackets.

The event that you are styling the tuxedos for determines the type of the outfit style that you go with. For example if you are dressing for a black tie event then you can choose to style the shawl collar tuxedo dinner jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and formal tuxedo pants. You can complete the look with a pair of patent leather tuxedo shoes.

Other than the usual shawl collar tuxedo jacket style there is another style that you should know about. Shawl collar tuxedos jacket with contrasting lapel is the style that is trending a lot at this moment. Here are some of the celebrity looks of the mens Shawl collar tuxedos jacket that we think would work out for you.

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers always looks stunning but with the midnight blue shawl collar 3 button tuxedo jacket paired with white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and matching midnight blue tuxedo pants he looked extraordinary for the Emmy awards. Other than this the navy shawl collar tuxedo wedding with the black lapel outfit that Jason Bateman wore for the Emmy’s would be a great look that would work for you when it comes to the formal events.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Blue Tuxedo If you are bored with the navy and midnight blue styles and are ready to try something brighter then Nikolaj’s might show you the right way for you. The Gold satin shawl collar tuxedo that he chose to pair with the white tuxedo shirt, black satin bow tie and a pair of black satin tuxedo pants was a cool look. He finished off the style with a pair of formal black tuxedo shoes. This outfit might not work out for the formal events but it would sure be a great look if you have a casual and fun event to attend.

Kendrick Sampson

Instead of joining the crowd with the black tuxedos Kendrick Sampson took the road less travelled by pairing the bronze shawl collar velvet tuxedo jacketwith a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. He let the bronze shawl collar tuxedo jacket be the main attraction of the outfit by finishing off the look with black velvet loafers.

Lucas Adams

Purple is the trending shade of the year and tuxedos are not an exception. Lucas Adams looked great in the plum colored shawl collar tuxedo pattern that he paired with the white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. Give the look a perfect stylish finish by adding black leather tuxedo shoes.