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Mens Fashion Outfits

Clothes have always been an integral part of who we are or atleast who we are viewed to be. Everyday a new fashion comes out and the trend keeps on changing. You may be a subtle dresser or the one who likes to catch up with the trends all the time but one thing that you just can’t escape is the fashion. For any event that you attend it is required of you to look appropriately dressed. Thus mens fashion outfits have an important place in your wardrobe and there is no denying that. Though we can survive our better part of our lives with the business suits and such, there are events where it is just a crime to go with the navy suits and such. Thus give yourself a break and try out the mens fashion outfits that will help you further your style too.

Wedding Tuxedo Blue Tuxedo Prom Outfit Black Tuxedo

Though your office might be more than happy for you to continue with your navy and grey suits, events like parties and weddings are a whole other story. Of course, you can wear your business navy suit to these events too but it would brand you as the bore of the group. Thus get yourself out of the loop and try out something different and more festive for these events rather than the usual navy and grey suits.

While selecting these mens fashion outfits the first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the type of event you are attending and the dress code that will be appropriate for the said event. For example, if is a black tie event then you should go with the standard black tuxedo look since it is the most appropriate. But if it is an event like prom then you can go with the colorful and fashionable suits. Thus make sure that you figure out the type of the event and then make your pick.

Gray Outfit If the event you are purchasing the garment for is a formal one like the above mentioned black tie event, then you might have to go with the tuxedos. But instead of the same old wool black tuxedo look you can add your own touch to the outfit. For example, you can choose a black velvet mens tuxedo suit jacket and then pair it with a white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants. This along with a pair of black velvet loafers would give you an appropriate look for the said event but at the same time would also help you stand out from the crowd without too much effort. Thus you will have a way of adding your own signature to your outfit and you just have to figure out what it is.

If it is a wedding then there is one most important thing that should be taken into account. Your role in the wedding will influence the outfit that you choose a great deal. For example, if you are the groom, you deserve to be the main attraction of the said event and thus you can go mad with the choice of your wedding outfit.

If it is a formal wedding like the ones that happen in the Church then you will have to stick with the formal mens wedding tuxedo styles like the black tuxedos or the navy tuxedos. You can add the subtle changes like the velvet tuxedo jacket for your outfit to shine but that is usually the level of creativity that you can add to the formal tuxedo style. But if the event is a more casual one that happens in outdoor venues during the summer or spring season then you have much more choices for choosing the tuxedo outfit.

You being the host of the event can ditch the traditional black and navy tuxedo to choose the more vibrant options like the burgundy mens two toned jackets and emerald green tuxedos. If you are choosing to go with the suits instead of the tuxedos, the options only increase. With the weather becoming warmer you can include the lighter garments to your outfit. Thus for a summer or spring wedding, try to add some more colors than the monotone and sombre ones that we are used to.

White Tuxedo Our recommendation for the groom outfit for these types of semi formal outdoor weddings would be to go with a shawl lapel royal blue mens suit paired with a white dress shirt and a red bow tie. This would be an easy outfit that even the most subtlest of the dressers can pull off. To round off this mens fashion outfit you can add a pair of black leather derby shoes. While the navy suits hold the title for the most versatile of the suit colors, royal blue is the fun cousin that can instantly bring the festive spirit to your outfit.

If you want to take this up by a notch and want to truly shine in your wedding outfit then bring in the patterns. shawl lapel Floral suit or a Paisley suit would be great for the weddings. You can style them with the appropriate combining garments for the look to be the best. But if you are the guest in the wedding then it is best to keep things subtle and simple. Avoid the temptation of trying out your new trendy fashion outfit that you bought recently since it might look like you are stealing the thunder from the couple on their special day.

Instead of the two piece suit looks you can also try out the 3 piece look with the mens fashion dress vests. Vests have become a cool style now and it is everywhere. You can style a contrasting vest with a mens blue velvet suit or a Christmas red prom outfit. The contrast gets more attention to your outfit and you can try this with the standard mens black prom outfits too. Think about the style that would work for you the best and then work on making it unique.