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Prom Vest

Prom is a tradition which some deem as weird and some as simply exciting. Whatever it may be it is one of the important events in the high school life of any student which we tend to remember for the lifetime. Thus the pressure to properly dress up for the event is immense and even more since the technology decided to step up and have accounts of every mishaps in life in form of photos and videos.

Now as for the prom attire men seem to be especially tensed in selecting a proper outfit than women. It may be because of the fact that most men unfortunately do not put much effort into styling themselves on a daily basis. Therefore when it comes to an occasion that needs dressing up all that remains is anxiety.

prom-vest Tuxedo is generally the safest option when it comes to prom. If you are thinking of renting one then you are adding on to your headaches. Tuxedo is a garment that you can definitely reuse in many occasions like family weddings and church services so it is better to get own one. If you are still not convinced to get a tailored one made just for you then there are many online sites in which the outfit is on sale for a far less price. You can buy these according to your size and slight variations can be taken care of by your tailor.

Another obvious choice you can go for is a three piece suit. Get a suit that you are comfortable in and pairing them with proper accessories may be a killer look. Wearing a prom vest under your jacket has an added benefit of still looking dressy even when you decide to shed your jacket. Prom Vests are better for proms than cummerbunds. If you do not like a jacket look then you can choose to go with prom vest and tie. Jackets cover a large portion and can give you a square look while the prom vests can accentuate and complement your body shape. Prom Vests also allow flexible movement of your arms which can come in handy if you are the one to rock on the dance floor.

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If you are going to wear prom vests without jackets then you will need to focus more on your dress shirt. It is always a safe choice to go with simple solid colors so that the prom men's vest and tie can match. If the shirt is plain you can incorporate patterns into your prom men's vest thus giving out a cool vibe. Since prom is a long night event and involves dancing it is better to wear a shirt that is of breathable fabric thus saving you from sweaty back. If you are wearing a prom vest then you should go for bowtie since neckties with vests will give out a serious feel. When choosing the bowtie you can experiment with patterns that bounce off the prom men's vest color. Lastly complete the formal look with dress shoes and make sure to avoid casual ones like trainers and sneakers.