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Lilac Tuxedo

Black-Color-Vest-Set Tuxedos have been the sartorial savior of men for formal events. Tuxedos aren't a new style and have been in history of menswear for a long time. In this long history, people who observe would have noted that the tuxedos have undergone little to no changes all these years. We are talking about a century old history and this is extremely rare for a garment to have maintained its original style for this long a time. Even today when we say tuxedos, our mind automatically conjures up the image of a black tuxedo with white shirt and a black bow tie. This is because of the fact that this is known for us to be the standard style when it comes to tuxedos. But the tuxedos are also undergoing changes as we speak in the modern times.

Mens-Navy-Color-Vest-Shirt If you are a fan of the award events or simply fashion events then you would have noted the increasing number of celebrities attending the red carpet events in colored tuxedos that aren't black. This was not the case few years before or for the last decade. Times are changing and with it the blue tuxedo style. The colored tuxedos are starting to gain popularity and people are starting to accept the ones that aren't black.

If you are one among these people who are already bored with the black tuxedo style and wouldn't mind trying out new styles then lilac men's tuxedo must be your next try. Lilac men's tuxedo is a good option when you want to try on a new style and isn't afraid to turn heads in the process. A lilac men's tuxedo isn't an easy choice and thus it is important that you have a certain level of confidence to rock the outfit.

Lavender-Color-Vest-Set Most men tend to steer clear of lilac tuxedos or any garment in lilac for that matter since there is a common misconception that lilac is a feminine color and thus is reserved for the ladies to rock. If you go through the history you will know that restricting colors on the basis of gender is only a recent process and one that you will never see even in the most uncivilized times. Portraits of children of those times show the kids dressed in gender neutral outfits that are mostly white which even makes the historians hard to figure out the gender of the children. Only after the children reach a certain age level they are dressed in clothes that helps identify their gender. Even these clothes are designed in a functional sense so that the children could go on about their daily activities in a comfortable manner. No record in history shows people favored certain colored clothes in regard to their gender. It is high time that we understand that the things that we wear aren't for the people to see but it is for our own comfort. Therefore, it is the best time to try on colors that you haven't tried on before because the society now also have turned accepting than it was before.

Lilac tuxedos may not work when it comes to formal black tie events but you can still wear them when you see the word optional in ten dress code that is attached to the invitation of the event that you are attending. Also, lilac men's tuxedo is a good choice for fun events like award shows and parties. Proof of this would be the increasing number of celebrities confidently rocking the lilac men's tuxedo style in the red carpets of the important events like the Oscars and the Academy Awards. Never restrict the lilac men's tuxedo style to the celebrities and think that you cannot pull it off. When you style it right you can easily pull off the lilac tuxedo style or any style for that matter.

Now after you decide that you are going with the lilac men's tuxedo style you will have to decide upon the details before you go shopping. The first thing that you will have to decide on is the shade of the lilac men's tuxedo and then it's style. For this you will have to consider the nature of the event that you are attending. Now if the event that you are purchasing the lilac men's tuxedo for is kind of formal then it may be best to go with subdued shade of lilac men's tuxedo. You can also go with a lilac vest with the red tuxedo look so that the outfit looks still more formal. Another option is to go with shawl collared lilac men's tuxedo. Lilac men's tuxedos with black shawl collars give you the sophisticated look that can work for semi formal events. But it may be best to stick with peak lapels on the lilac men's tuxedos so that the formalness of the garment is maintained. Other shades of tuxedos that you can find similar to the lilac tuxedos are lavender lilac men's tuxedo, lavender pink tuxedo, light purple lilac tuxedo and many others.

As for the fabric of the lilac men's tuxedos you can go with normal wool fabric or if you want a still more rich and posh look you can opt for ones like velvet lilac men's tuxedo and silk lilac men's tuxedo. These type of materials have a sheen about them which when paired with the rich color of lilac makes you look unique and stylish among the sea of black and navy tuxedos. Another option that can showcase your individuality is incorporating the patterns into the lilac men's tuxedo. There are different patterns that look great on the lilac men's tuxedo and you can choose the one that works best for your style and personality. Floral patterned lilac tuxedo and paisley patterned lilac men's tuxedo are the two most common patterned styles when it comes to lilac tuxedos. As for the shirt that needs to be paired with the lilac men's tuxedo you can go with the standard color of white. If you are wearing a lilac men's tuxedo with black lapels you can go with the option of pairing it with a black shirt.