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Mens Blue Prom Shoes

Blue is the mens favorite color and we are not exaggerating when we say that every man would have at least one blue garments in their wardrobe. When we say that there is an option to choose the footwear in blue also then most of the men will be intrigued. Mens blue prom shoe are climbing up the charts of popularity and there are various styles that you can try out. But one thing that people always say when asked about their experience with blue dress shoes, most of them mention that they aren't very clear on what to pair with the blue prom shoes. This is because of the fact that we are used to the black and dark brown prom shoes and throw in any other color and we are lost. This is the sweet curse of habit. Now if you want to break out of the mold and try something new then you can start with the mens blue prom shoe. About the styling and the choice of the combining garments, we are here to guide you through.

Now while we are used to almost all shades brown in shoes, this isn't the case with the other colors. Thus while choosing the blue prom shoes mens, it would be better for you to stick with the darker colors. prom Navy blue shoes are the ones that we recommend you to try out for the first time since they are easier to style. With the dark shades, you can also use them both for the formal and casual events making it a versatile choice. Once you get used to the style of the blue prom shoe then you can move on with the brighter shades like royal blue prom shoes and more.

As for the material from which the shoes are made, the most obvious choice is the blue leather dress shoes. These are the most durable and also most versatile. But there are other choices like the suede blue prom shoes and even blue velvet prom shoes. Think about the event you are attending and the appropriate style for those nature of the events. For example, if you are thinking about styling it with your work wear then leather blue prom shoes would be the best choice but if you are dressing for an occasion like wedding, especially you wedding then you deserve something special like velvet blue prom shoes.

Coming the most anticipated topic of what to wear with the blue mens prom shoes, we will help you sail through it easily. Now blue is one of the most versatile colors and thus you won't have much difficulty in styling the same. When you choose the right style and the right combining garments, your outfit wouldn't be too much different than styling the dark brown shoes. Blue pairs well with most colors and thus start with the easiest combination first and then move on.

Blue shoes and grey pants

This is one of the solid combinations that would never fail you. Blue and grey naturally pairs well and you can utilize this while trying out the blue shoes for the first time. Here are some blue shoes with grey pants outfits that you could try out.

For a formal but not boring outfit, you can style the navy blazer with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of grey dress pants. A pair of blue laceup carruci shoes would add a little bit of zing to the outfit. While the charcoal grey pants also pair well with the blue prom shoes, the contrast of the light grey pants with the dark blue shoes is way better. For a smart casual and a super functional look, you can style the navy long sleeve shirt with a pair of light grey chinos and black leather belt. Adding with this outfit a pair of prom shoes men blue is the best choice in completing the look. When you are quite used and comfortable with the look, you can even style them for your work. For example, you can style the mens dress shoes blue with an outfit of grey suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy tie.

Blue shoes and navy pants

Slipon Shoe Half of our work wardrobe will consist of navy suits and navy pants. While usually we would avoid matching pants with matching shoes, you can make the look work if you focus on the details. A slight difference in the shade between the pants and shoe would make this matching look work. Here are some ideas for you to try out.

For a stylish and standard look, you can style the dark blue suit with a white dress shirt, light blue gingham tie and a black leather watch. To create a coordinated look for the outfit, add with it a pair of navy blue leather dress shoes. For a more casual look, you can style the white polo with a pair of light blue chinos and then complete this look with a pair of slipon style blue shoes.

Blue shoes and tan pants

This is another one of the styles that could never go wrong. The contrast of the light colored pants with the dark colored shoes is definitely the best look. If you are styling the outfit for summer events then this is the best combination for you. For a stylish off duty look, you can pair the black crew neck t-shirt with a black field jacket and then tan dress pants. Adding a pair of blue socks and mens antique blue shoes is a good way to include a dose of sophistication. If you are dressing for a special occasion, you can style the navy blazer with a navy chambray dress shirt, light blue waistcoat and a pair of beige dress pants. If you are a fan of the vintage style then you can add a pair of royal blue gangster shoes to this outfit or stick with the usual formal blue prom lace-up shoes.