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Mens Wedding Outfits

Weddings are one of the events where we obviously have to dress up. Be it a friend’s wedding or a relative’s, you will be meeting a number of acquaintances and it is natural to want to look great. But most men tend to get anxious while choosing the wedding outfits. This is because of the fact that the weddings now are much more complicated than they were before. For example, there are formal weddings, casual weddings, outdoor weddings, destination weddings and more. Thus you should choose the wedding outfits for men depending on the type of wedding you are attending. In this article, we will guide you on how to pick out the best men’s wedding outfits for men.

Navy Blue Suit As we have mentioned already, the nature of the wedding that you attend determines the look of the outfit that you have to choose. Before you get into the tangle of choosing the wedding outfits, you should check out the easy way first. This way you don’t have to spend too much time on deciding the look. The wedding invitation that you have might have the clues that you are searching for. Most of the people tend to mention the type of the wedding and sometimes the type of the outfit that the guests should wear. In that case, you just have to follow the instructions on the invitation and this should be enough. But if there aren’t any dress codes or recommendations mentioned, then you should go the longer way.

If you are the guest to a wedding, the basic requirements for outfit should is that it should be appropriate while not overpowering that of the groom. For example, if there is a casual event involved, chances are high that the groom would go with a casual suit. In that case, you cannot choose a tuxedo as a guest. Thus make sure that the wedding outfit that you choose is relevant and at the same time you should also feel comfortable while wearing the outfit.

Formal weddings

If there is a formal wedding involved, then you should find the dress code appropriate for it. For example, if it is a black tie event, then you should stick with the classic tuxedowedding outfits mens. A black tuxedo paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black patent leather shoes would be a good choice.

2 Button Sportcoat But if the dress code mentioned is black tie optional, then you can wear a tuxedo or simply go with a dark suit. A dark colored suit, preferably a black or navy suit paired with a white dress shirt and a bow tie would be best. On the other hand, if there is a creative black tie attire involved you should think of going with a dinner jacket paired with a tuxedo shirt and a bow tie. A pair of leather shoes would be a great choice to finish off the look.

Semi formal weddings

While the weddings were mostly formal in the last century, a shift has happened in this century. The weddings have become more casual and as a result the wedding outfits for men too. Thus you don’t need to panic too much about choosing the wedding attire.

The most common type of the dress codes that is being chosen for the semi formal weddings is the cocktail attire. The cocktail attire is the best choice that the groom has if he wants an event that is equal parts formal and casual. When it comes to the guest wedding outfits dresses for the cocktail attire, it is recommended for the person to choose a dark suit paired with a solid dress shirt and a patterned tie. A pair of leather shoes or leather loafers would provide a perfect round off to the look.

If you are the groomsmen, make sure that you create a variation between your outfit and that of the groom’s. For example, if the groom is choosing a 3 piece outfit then you can go with the 2 piece wedding outfits. Or you can create the variation by choosing different shades of the outfit. These choices would produce a coordinated look for the wedding pictures.

Casual wedding

Tan Suit The casual weddings that happen in exotic locations also have become common in recent times. Usually these weddings are located in aesthetically pleasing locations and happen during the summer or spring seasons. For these weddings, it is important that you choose an appropriate attire.

When it comes to casual weddings, the time at which the weddings are scheduled to happen also matters. If it is a casual wedding that happens in winter, then you can choose to go with a dark suit paired with a solid or patterned dress shirt. You can include or leave out the tie depending on your taste. Adding a pair of loafers would be great to round off the men’s wedding outfits casual.

But if the casual wedding is happening in a tropical region, then it would be best if you choose a light colored suit which you can pair with a solid or patterned dress shirt and a tie. Again the necktie is optional Especially for the weddings that happen in the mornings and afternoons.

As we have mentioned before, the comfort of the wearer also matters a lot since you are going to be in the suit all day long and there are a lot of pictures involved. Thus depending on the location and the weather, choose the right type of the outfit. For example, if it is a winter event then we would recommend you to choose wedding attire wool suits. But if it is a summer or spring event then choose the lightweight ones like cotton mens wedding attire suit or wedding seersucker suit. The choice of the fabric is most important when you are choosing the wedding toddler suits since the little ones would get uncomfortable easily. Avoid synthetic ones like mens polyester wedding suits especially for the children.