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Men's Red Tuxedo Prom

Red has always been a color of caution especially with menswear. The thought of getting a red suit let alone a red tuxedo would be enough for most men to drop out of the shopping plan. But we think red tuxedo prom has received a bad reputation due to our groundless hesitation to try out the color. In reality red is a color that would make your outfit look jubilant and when carried confidently would provide you with one of the best outfits in your wardrobe. Now if you are even slightly intrigued then we would urge you to read further the article since we intend to make you less sceptical about the red tuxedo prom outfit.

Usually people tend to avoid going with the red outfits especially the formal ones like red tuxedo Men's prom since they consider it a hard style to pull off. Most of these people unconsciously think about the bright red ones but there are a lot of shades in red which are much less attention grabbing than the bright red tuxedos. It is all a matter of choosing if you want to find the right style. Think about the event you are attending and then make your choice.

For example if you are a person who is used to the navy suits and black tuxedos then chances are high that you greatly doubt your ability to pull off the red tuxedo outfit without a glitch. In that case we would recommend you to ease your nerves and get back on the confidence wagon by going with the dark shades of the red tuxedos. For example red burgundy tuxedo prom and wine red tuxedo would provide you with subtle styles that you can easily style for even a formal event. The black red prom tuxedo combination would be our ideal choice to get through these events.

But once you have get used to the style and are feeling a little more confident then it is time to try the brighter styles. These might be best to be styled for the casual and semi formal events. Other than that you can also use them as red wedding tuxedo prom outfits if you are the groom. The red tuxedo outfit would ensure the attention to be always on you for your special day. The classic styling of the outfit which is the red prom white tuxedo combination would be the ideal one if you are looking for groom outfits. Most people choose the fully dressed up look of the red tuxedo outfits but you can also choose to go with the smart casual or casual styling as per your taste.

As for the styling of the red tuxedo dress outfit we would like you to help figure out your style. This usually would involve browsing through different choices and then finding the one that suits you. But since our Hollywood celebrities are already loving the red tuxedo mens look it would be better to go through these and then make your choice. We also have added some of the outfit suggestions of ours to aid with the style.

Stephan James

If you are attending an event where you want all the eyes on you filled with admiration then Stephan James' Oscar outfit is the one for you. For the award event the man was dressed in a luxe red velvet tuxedo prom which he matched with a red velvet U neck vest, a white tuxedo shirt and a red bow tie. As much as you want to take styling lessons from Stephan James we would also like you to take fitting lessons from his designer if possible. The red slimfit tuxedo prom was the definition of perfection since it fit perfectly the man. Usually the outfit would be recommended to be completed with a black leather shoes but Stephan James must have decided to go all out with his outfit on that day. He was seen wearing a pair of all white ankle length boots to match with his red velvet tuxedo outfit. This is one of our favorite styles by the celebrities but we would not recommend it unless you are attending fashion related shows or parties. You can tone down the same outfit to an extent where you would not get curious glances every time to pass a person by leaving out the red velvet pants but styling the red tuxedo jacket with a pair of black tuxedo pants and white tuxedo shirt. A black velvet bow tie along with a pair of black leather oxford shoes would be a cool and classic way to complete the outfit.

LeBron James

This is another James with an incredible red tuxedo prom outfit. When he attended the ESPY awards he was spotted wearing a mens red tuxedo prom outfit that would have made the conservational dressers swoon with approval. He paired the black shawl lapel mens red prom coat with a matching pair of red Tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. This would be the outfit style that we would recommend for people who are looking for formal outfit styles that they can wear to dinner events. If you are feeling conscious swap the red Tuxedo pants with black tuxedo pants since they match well with the black lapel of the red prom tuxedo jacket.

The weekend

If you are a fan of casual styling of the formal outfits then you might be looking for ways to make the red tuxedo style work that way. The weekend provides with you a great opportunity since he has already proved that style to rock. For the Superbowl halftime performance the man was spotted wearing a sequin mens red prom blazer which he paired with a black dress shirt, black silk tie and a pair of fitting black dress pants. If you love the style you can get it from red prom tuxedo sale online since it is a pretty popular outfit.