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Mens Navy Blue Tuxedo Prom

If you are keeping in par with the style changes in the formal menswear world then you would definitely have come across the common saying – “Navy is the new black”. Thus navy blue tuxedo prom is a style that is not to be taken easy. For a long time black tuxedos have reigned the formalwear be it the weddings or any formal events. But there came a shift when people started including the navy blue tuxedo style into their formal look and the style has stayed ever since. Now we can see navy blue tuxedo prom taking the front lines with more and more people starting to feel comfortable with the color rather than the boring black ones.

Choosing the mens navy blue tuxedo over the black tuxedos comes as an easy choice for men since we have become used to the color better given that the corporate companies has adopted it as their own color. It is almost impossible for a person to not have a navy blue suit in their wardrobe and with time it has become the comfort color for most people. Also mens navy tuxedo prom have some notable advantages over the black tuxedos and this has been realized by people very early on.

Navy Blue Suit For example there was a short period in the fashion history when the midnight blue tuxedos were more popular than the black tuxedos. There were many reasons for this shift and we have listed them below.

Black is a neutral shade while blue offers an interesting look that gives a break for the wearer from the monotony.

Midnight blue tuxedos looked deep and beautiful under artificial light when compared to the black tuxedos.

Black tuxedos were often avoided to be worn to the morning events since the color tends to look faded and worn out unless the tuxedo was brand new.

All these made the midnight navy blue tuxedo prom to become the superior and more practical choice for the people over a period of time. But tradition being unchangeable factor it is, black tuxedos came back to be the conventional style and continues to be so. While even today black tuxedo remains to be the norm of the formal events the fact that mens blue tuxedo prom holds the popularity vote makes it a special style to look into.

There are also other shades in the mens blue tuxedos which you can try out once you get used to the style. Navy blue tuxedo prom is undoubtedly the most popular style which would get you through the most formal events. With the right styling you can even look appropriate for the black tie events in the navy blue tuxedo. But if the event is more casual and stylish then you can try going with the royal blue tuxedo prom. This is the style that is most recommended for the groom outfits in the wedding since the brighter shade makes the garment look more special. Light blue tuxedo prom are rare since light colors and tuxedos usually do not mix well. But if you are attending a summer wedding that is quite casual then you can consider going with navy blue linen tuxedos or light blue tuxedos.

If you are still not convinced about the popularity of navy blue tuxedos prom over black tuxedos then it clearly means that you haven’t been watching enough award events. Our Hollywood celebrities are the living proof of the dominance of the navy blue prom tuxedo mens over other styles. Know that it is appropriate to attend even the most formal event like Oscar in the navy blue tuxedos and these are people who can afford to spend a million dollars on a single outfit.

Navy blue tuxedo prom is undoubtedly a popular style and we have compiled some of the outfits that can help you make the style your own.

Chris Evans

Wedding Tuxedo It is not news that the “Captain America” actor looks great in everything he wears but Oscar outfit is always something we all look forward too. Our favorite Chris of the Marvel universe did not disappoint when he showed up in a navy blue tuxedo slimfit outfit for the 2017 Oscars event. The slick tuxedo came with the black shawl lapel that was contrasting to the navy blue tuxedo. He paired the tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. The extra details like the white pocket square along with the pair of black leather oxford shoes chosen carefully made the outfit a success. If you are looking for a navy blue tuxedo wedding outfit for a groom who goes with a formal church wedding then you can copy Chris Evans' outfit since it would be a perfect style for the event. You can also go with the navy blue vested tuxedo when you want your look to be more special and dressed up.

Ryan Gosling

The Canadian actor is well known for his contemporary and bold fashion choices but for the Oscars he was the textbook example of the perfect tuxedo wearer. He was spotted wearing a shawl lapel navy blue tuxedo prom which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. While Chris Evans went with a black lapel navy blue tuxedo, Ryan Gosling stuck with the conventional look of the same colored lapel. What makes the outfit stunning is the glove like fit with which the tuxedo was made. If you want an example to show your tailor for the fit then you can use Ryan Gosling’s tuxedo look.

Chris Hemsworth

If you are a fan of going all out with your outfit then you must better like Chris Hemsworth’s Golden Globe awards outfit. Our beloved Thor actor was the epitome of perfection in the navy blue velvet tuxedo outfit. The peak lapel navy blue velvet tuxedo jacket was paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black velvet bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants with the side stripes.