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Mens Blue Tuxedo Prom

Are you thinking about getting a new tuxedo? Chances are high that you get suggestions to go with the classic choice which is the black tuxedo or go rogue with the blue tuxedo prom. But actually blue has become the new black and thus you would note more people wearing a blue tuxedo than black. This may make you think "Is it not possible to stay relevant while going with a new style?". In reality there are a lot more options with the colored tuxedos but we have to accept that they do not have the same versatility as the black and blue mens tuxedo prom outfits. Thus if you are a person who attends formal black tie events often then it is best to stay with the blue tuxedo style.

Navy Blue Suit One thing that we have noted with the people who come for suggestions is that when we say blue mens tuxedo prom majority of them would instantly in assume that we are talking about the navy blue tuxedo prom. We understand this since it is the most popular style and also one of the colors that most men are comfortable with. But always remember that most of your wardrobe is swamped already with the navy blue clothing even more so when you are a person working a corporate job. Thus when you choose a tuxedo it is imperative to stick with the same style and make your wardrobe boring.

As for the mens blue tuxedo prom we want to remind you again that there are numerous shades available and navy blue tuxedo is not the only one. Thus if you are thinking of getting a tuxedo and deciding to go with the blue one we would want you to wait a minute, step back and consider the possible shades of these blue tuxedos that could adorn your wardrobe. Believe us when we say you will be pleasantly surprised when knowing just how much you have been ignoring to stick with the same old navy blue.

We have listed some of the blue mens tuxedo prom styles that we think are worth a try and also some of the styling tips which might help you gain an idea on how the things would work given that you choose the tuxedo for yourself.

Navy blue tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo We know that we badmouthed the navy blue tuxedo outfits through the better part of the article but that does not mean that we love it any less. It's just that navy blue tuxedos and suits are like the annoying cousin who sticks with you throughout any family event and annoys you to death but you simply cannot survive without them.

If you are getting your first tuxedo then it would probably be a better choice to go with the navy blue tuxedos since they are the most versatile style and could get you through any formal event even if it requires a black tie dress code. All you have to do is to throw on a navy blue mens tuxedo prom and style with the standard combining garments like white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. Get a pair of patent black leather dress shoes to perfectly finish off the look. You can even go with the 3 piece blue tuxedo look since the blue mens tuxedo prom vest would instantly up your look. But know that the navy blue mens tuxedo prom would not be anything special since most of the crowd would turn in the exact style we mentioned earlier and if you want to look different you will have to work for it.

Midnight blue tuxedo

Now this is a style that is very close to the navy blue tuxedo style but is different. The midnight blue mens tuxedo prom has a darker and more secretive look when compared with the usual navy tuxedo look. If you want to stay appropriate for the formal events but also want your look to be different even by the slightest degree then we would suggest you to go with the midnight blue prom tuxedo outfits.

If you are aware about the history of the tuxedos in menswear then you should already know that there was a time when the midnight blue tuxedo prom style threatened the place of the black tuxedos. The reasons might convince you to actually buy the midnight blue tuxedos for yourself. At that time black tuxedos were the norm but the youngsters started realizing that the midnight blue mens tuxedo prom was a better style since it looked better under the artificial lights of the evening events. Also black tuxedos were also not an ideal pick for the morning events unless they are brand new. On the other hand midnight blue prom outfits looked great under the sun as opposed to the dull look that black tuxedos provided. These reasons stay the same and thus you should try choosing this style instead of black tuxedos.

Royal blue tuxedo

This is our most favorite suggestion for today simply because they are much vibrant than the other two suggestions. We all deserve some color in our wardrobe other than the monochrome ones that we have. Royal blue mens tuxedo prom would provide just that since it has a brighter look when compared to the other styles.

If you are looking for a style that would actually make you stand out from the rest of the crowd even on the first glance then you should think of going with the royal blue tuxedo outfit. For example if you are looking for a blue tuxedo wedding outfit then we would suggest you to go with the royal blue velvet tuxedos.

Light blue tuxedo

Light blue mens tuxedo prom is a rare style when compared with the other styles. It is not often that people go with the light colors for tuxedos but this is a solid reason why you should. If you are looking for summer wedding outfit then you can choose to go with the light blue linen tuxedo but make sure that go with the blue tuxedo slim fit style since right fit is the most important part.