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Tuxedo shirts date back to the beginning of the black-tie events dating back to the early 19th century. Black tie attire is to be worn to private and public dinners, balls, and parties.

Another event that was commonly requiring black tie was the Opera. Although today a black suit is just as acceptable of an outfit, it used to not be accepted at all. These were worn specifically only after 6 in the evening.  Black tie is semi-formal, less formal than white tie but more formal then wearing a traditional suit or business dress attire. The pieces that are acceptable attire for a black tie event include: A Dinner Jacket, Black or blue wool with silk contrasting materials, a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress shoes.  The trousers should contain a single silk or satin braid covering the otter seams and should be worn un-cuffed. This most often requires a tuxedo to be worn. Silk or satin contrasting materials, is a nice way to say tuxedo. The only difference between a tux and a suit is the silk/satin material that runs along the lapel of the jacket, as well as, down the leg of the trouser, and covers the trim and buttons.  A waistcoat, vest, or cummerbund are all appropriate under jacket pieces for events. Traditionally black patent leather court shoes are preferred attire; however, a highly polished leather pair of oxfords would do the job.


The shirts that are designed to be worn with black tie are called formal or tuxedo shirts in the American language. However, in other countries, they are just referred to as a dress shirt. This shirt is conventionally white or a light ivory, 100% cotton or linen with a bibbed front that is either pleated or lie down or possible Marcella. In the early 2000’s the major trend was to get rid of the bib front altogether. Shirts worn with black-tie should typically have convertible or French cuffs, as well.


These shirts come in a lay down collar, as well as, wingtip, which was the collar to be worn with bowties. The French cuff should be enclosed by a classic cufflink, whether, silver or gold with a colored facing, these make the attire much fancier. The original and most formal way to wear the tuxedo shirt is to fasten the shirt with matching shirt studs. These studs are typically found in a gold or silver backing, featuring onyx or mother-of-pearl, or a typical black stud. However, lately it has become quite common to allow buttons to show, although this is considered less formal.

You will find that more and more people are wearing a traditional plain white dress shirt with tuxedos then in the past. This is due to the slim fitting era, as it is easier to find a slim fitting white dress shirt, rather than a classic traditional fitting tuxedo shirt, that tends to fit larger. You will find many celebrities, pulling off this new hot trend on many red carpets, meaning it has become more acceptable, nowadays, than it used to be. If you decide to go with a more classic look, and have trouble finding a modern fitting tuxedo shirt, there is always the option of having it tailored. That is right! Many people don’t realize the drastic change of having a shirt tailored to your body. Your local tailor, or ours if you reside in Los Angeles, can simply dart the shirt on both sides and even the arms if necessary, making it a perfect fit for specifically you.

Here at MensUSA, we carry a wide variety of men’s tuxedo dress shirts, with all different kind of fits. We pride ourselves in having a great selection of 100% fine cotton shirts of all kinds, dress shirts as well as tuxedo shirts. If you find that you are on a tighter budget we also carry a variety of dress shirts in a beautiful, microfiber/cotton blend material that is breathable and looks fantastic when worn. Many retailers don’t have as large of a size selection as we do here as we carry sizes available up to 22 inch neck. We also have a huge variety of different colors of tuxedos along with tuxedo shirts, if you don’t see it on our site, please reach out to us directly Email:[email protected] as we pride ourselves in being able to custom make anything you are looking for.