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Mens Cream Linen Suit

Want to add a new suit to your summer wardrobe? You should definitely consider adding cream linen suit to your list of prospective. Men are often intimidated by the bright colors and even more so with white. It would be very rare for a man to own an all white suit and even more rare to wear it confidently on a regular day. White can sometimes be too bright for most people’s liking and thus the off white suits come to the rescue. Cream is one of the off white shades that we have developed quite a bit of liking over time. In this article we discuss more about the mens cream linen suits and some of the ways in which you can make the style work.

Light colors and suits are two things that aren’t considered to be a good pair by most men. We usually are content with our navy suits and Charcoal suits trying not to venture out of this territory. But when it comes to the light colored suits they have become quite popular in the recent times especially when it comes to summer use. Even if you are a person with the most conventional wardrobe having a cream linen men suit might give you a new ways to redeem your style.

Linen Suit As for the fabric cotton is undoubtedly the most popular summer fabric especially with suits. Cotton can keep you cool through the fiery day and do not wrinkle and all. But cotton also has an uptight look about it which simply does not suit the semi formal and casual summer events. While we would recommend cotton for your summer navy suit when it comes to casual styles like cream suits it is a whole different story. Apart from the look linen also has some of the practical advantages over cotton. Linen has better moisture wicking characteristics thus people with a heavy sweating problem can fare well with linen. But the wrinkling aspect of linen is the one that earns it a bad rep.

Linen does wrinkle easily but it is not a shabby look. Thus we would recommend going with the cream linen men suit mens even for the semi formal events like summer weddings and such unless you are very conscious about the wrinkles in your outfit. Going with blended mens linen suit would also be a better look since the blend of linen with other fabrics reduces the wrinkling.

We know that the cream linen mens suit or any light colored suit for that matter is quite a new style for majority of men. It is time to step out of that dark colored suit bubble and make the style work. This summer we would like to see more and more men get confident in their suit styling with light colored suits like cream linen suits. Here are some of the best styles of the cream linen suit outfits which you can take as inspiration while structuring your outfit.

2 Button Suit Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby)

We will start off our styling lessons from none other the fashionable rich man – Jay Gatsby. Both in books and the film the love of Jay Gatsby for fashion was clearly portrayed. The man was ahead of his time in his fashion choices and this is a fact that was clear when he stuck with his choice to wearing the pink dress shirt even when questioned about the choice.

Thus he wearing a three piece cream linen suit ensemble is definitely not a surprise given that the light colored suits were popular among rich men in the 1920s. This particular outfit that we are talking about consists of a cream 2 piece linen suit that is paired with a light blue dress shirt, brown high neck linen suit vest jacket and a yellow tie. He adds a matching brown pocket square and a cane to complete the outfit. If you are dressing for a costume event or similar event you can copy the outfit as such. But if you want to modernize the look then leave out the Brown vest and the cane.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling seems to appear in almost all the fashion articles we write since the man is diverse in his outfit choices and most important bold. Trying new styles seems to have become his favorite hobby and we are not complaining in the slightest.

Linen Suit For the promotional event for his film “God only forgives” that he was spotted wearing a cream linen slimfit suit that he paired with a simple white dress and a pair of black leather formal shoes. This is the proof of the fact that even the simplest garments when put together tactfully and carried confidently can become one of the best style moments. If you are a guest attending a casual summer wedding set to happen in an outdoor venue then you should go with the notebook actor’s outfit.

Chris Pine

This is an outfit that can get you through the most formal event even if it is your own wedding. Imagine you are opting for a summer wedding in a scenic outdoor venue. You might be wondering on what would be the best choice for the groom outfit. Do not think further since Chris Pine has the perfect outfit for you.

The Star Trek actor looked incredible in the cream linen tuxedo suit that he wore for the Oscars and proved that he is an eternal heartthrob. He was spotted wearing the peak lapel cream linen tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. The slicked back hairstyle along with the double breasted tuxedo made the internet explode with love for his outfit and of course the actor.

Timothee Chalamet

If you are looking for a more contemporary type of look for cream linen mens suit outfit then choose timothee as your inspiration. The modified cream linen suit coat that he paired with matching pants and black leather Chelsea boots sealed his place among one of the best dressed men of this year.