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Mens 1960s Style Shirts

Are you a person who loves trying out the vintage styles? Do you often find yourself researching about the fashion histories of the garments? Then we have a brand new suggestion for you to wear to that costume event – 1960s style shirts. Last century was a rollercoaster for the fashion world with the changed happening gradually both in menswear and womenswear. There are many style lessons to be learnt from these decades. In recent times, there have been many of these styles coming back into trend and we hope that the 1960s style shirts also joins this trend. In this article, we would like to elaborate on the 1960s style shirts and the different ways in which you could style them.

The 1960s became the time when the fashion took a casual turn. Both menswear and womenswear turned more casual especially during the late 1960s. There were a lot of influences throughout the decade and each affected the fashion progress to a different degree. For example, womenswear majorly had three main trends which included the dressy and elegant style, youthful style and the hippie style. There were many styles that came into being and people were shifting among these styles.

In the same way menswear too was going through the casual phase. What was before the formal and simple styles now went into incorporating the bright prints and colors. This was considered to be a big change since menswear hadn't undergone a bigger change for over a hundred years. Till then the men always went for the tailor made clothing that is dull and sombre in appearance. But with the start of the 1960s, more colors and eye catching patterns got included in the mens fashion. The mens style shirts designs were flamboyant in the 1960s with it being rich in the patterns and colors. If you are looking for unique mens style shirts for wearing to the party and other similar events then you should be choosing to go with the 1960s classic style shirts for men.

Another great style that became prominent in menswear during the 1960s is the Italian style suits. These suits came in bright colors and vivid patterns which made sure to grab the attention of the viewers in the first glance. Men especially the younger generation started preferring these suit styles over the conventional suit styles. Usually the men wore these suits with casual combining garments like designer mens style shirts or crew neck t-shirts and a pair of chinos or jeans.

By the mid 1960s, the formal suit was also seeing some changes. The men started to go with the brightly striped and patterned suits rather than the plain and simple ones. There was also the influence of the musicians like the Beatles. For example, the popular look of Beatles which consisted of the collarless jacket paired with slim fitting trousers and heeled boots became the most preferred look among the young people.

There was also the military influence in the men's fashion at that time. Even the rock stars like Mick Jagger wore military style jackets for their performances which created a trend. On the whole people started shifting from the conservative looks to the more relaxed and fun looks during the 1960s.

If you have been thinking about styling the 1960s style shirts for the costume event or any such event, you might need some ideas and examples. You should be choosing the style depending on the theme of the event. This would help you gain an idea of what would work best for the said events.

Formal styles

If it is a formal 1960s type party then you should going with the suit outfit for the event. The formal look mostly remained the same through the 1960s with only the stripes entering the scene. Hence if you are choosing the formal 1960s look then it would be best to go with a nicely fur suit which you can pair with a white mens formal style shirts and then a tie to complete the look. You can go through the formal style shirts collections for men while searching for the styles. Adding a pair of black leather formal shoes and then a white pocket square would be a cool choice. As for the extra details add a short and side parted hair to seal the look.

Sporty style

Sport coats were greatly popular at that time and people used this as the semi casual attire. For the sporting events, the men were seen wearing colorful sport coats paired with the mens style shirts for gatherings or turtlenecks. These shirts and turtlenecks were mostly plain while the sport coats were patterned with checks or striped.

Casual style

As for the casual everyday look, the men went with pairing the 1960s style shirts with the chinos and jeans. The mens style shirts designs were mostly bright and eye catching thus making the shirts the statement look. If you are aiming for the simple everyday look of the 1960s, it would be best for you to style the striped shirts and t-shirts with a pair of chinos or jeans. You can also choose the crew neck t-shirts or the turtlenecks to be paired with the checkered chinos. Round off the look with a pair of dark brown loafers.

While choosing the style shirts for events, there are few things for you to keep in mind. Firstly always go with the best quality style shirts since they would last the longest. If you have a good budget to spend designer slimfit mens style shirts might be a good choice. But there are also mens style shirts in lowest price available. You just have to go through the various mens style shirts online and then make the choice. The fit of the shirt is also another thing to note. In the 1960s men went with the nicely fitting style for their outfits. Go with the mens style shirts readymade and choose the one that would suit your body type the best.