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Two Button Sapphire Wool Suits
These suspenders allow you to shift the weight of your "every day carry" items from your hips to my shoulders, while still keeping your pants up. they work very well. They are comfortable, and the length adjustment and elastic material make it easy to compensate for additional pocket weight when required. basically live in cargo shorts and long sleeve tuxedo T-shirts, and the Fasker suspenders go unnoticed when worn under an untucked T-shirt.
These suspenders are well made for the price and of apparent sturdy materials. The color is very nice & elastic is decent.
seem to be well made.
These fit him great and help keep his booty covered.
Bottom line - good quality, stronger material. good for hefty guys, and good for helping to cover up YOUR bottom line.

Mens Green Wool Slacks This HAS to be made in China with such good quality.

These suspenders are especially good for very, very large men because they are extra wide. These are for the working man; not for dinner out with the wife. You never need worry where your dress pants and slack are hanging.
These wide suspenders attach securely anywhere on the waistband, so no more of the dreaded grip releases or shoulder slips in public. Yeah!
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Very comfortable to wear and fits perfect. you wear them for downing work around the house.

Here Is Our Customer Comments About Suspenders For Men

Alex : Bought Suspenders For Men for working in the yard. Kept having to pull my pants up and thought these would help.
I was right. No longer have to stop every 30 seconds and tug away!

John : All 4 clips are sturdy and attach to my belt loops. The clasp that keeps the tension clamps and doesn't slip. (Let me stop here for a second and say I bought 2 colors, these tan ones and a black one. On the black ones one of the clasps won't stay clipped and it's pretty frustrating)
Over all I am happy with them and I have even started wearing the with my slacks to the office!

James :  like the way they connect Suspenders For Men to the pants better than the clip on style. The clip on style comes off all the time. The straps are a little narrow which I believe makes them twist more often. But over all I like them and will order more.

Sandy : I really like Suspenders For Men, but having buttons sewn into your pants for them is a pain, and clip-ons are both ugly and prone to come loose at the most inopportune time. So, I was delighted to discover these kind which clip onto your belt loops with carabiner-style clips. Seemed like an awesome idea. These seem to be good quality, and they DO work, but as you can see in the photos, the issue is how they pull on your belt-loops. Instead of pulling from the top, as I expected, they pull from the center of the loop and it looks very awkward and a bit dorky. The only way to stop it from pulling like this is to adjust the suspenders for men so loosely that they aren't even holding your pants up anymore. Maybe on jeans or pants with 'tougher' belt loops it would work better, but not on dress pants. I think if any part of your upper body, whether chest or belly, sticks out further than your waistline, you're going to have this problem with them. Three stars because it's a good quality product, but loses 2 stars for this problem, which I don't see how can be remedied. Pity.

Matt : My husband and I are very impressed on the quality and versatility of these suspenders For Men ! If on gets twisted it is easily readjusted with little effort ( when he get's back from the bathroom or such). We purchased another pair in a different color. The hooks are by far easier to use in the belt loops of his pants. Can't say enough about these suspenders.

Ashkan : If you are like me and must wear Suspenders For Men, you must try these. No more clips sliding off pants at the most inappropriate time. Or where do I place the clips on the pants? Just snap on your belt loops and you are secure. Why did it take so long for someone to figure out a better way to hold up trousers? The quality of the leather and clips is excellent. I don't usually review a product, but when one comes along that get my attention and improves my quality of life ...go for it.