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Suspenders For Men

These suspenders allow you to shift the weight of your "every day carry" items from your hips to my shoulders, while still keeping your pants up. they work very well. They are comfortable, and the length adjustment and elastic material make it easy to compensate for additional pocket weight when required. basically live in cargo shorts and T-shirts, and the Fasker suspenders go unnoticed when worn under an untucked T-shirt.
These suspenders are well made for the price and of apparent sturdy materials. The color is very nice & elastic is decent.
seem to be well made.
These fit him great and help keep his booty covered.
Bottom line - good quality, stronger material. good for hefty guys, and good for helping to cover up YOUR bottom line.
This HAS to be made in China with such good quality.
These suspenders are especially good for very, very large men because they are extra wide. These are for the working man; not for dinner out with the wife. You never need worry where your pants are hanging.
These wide suspenders attach securely anywhere on the waistband, so no more of the dreaded grip releases or shoulder slips in public. Yeah!
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Very comfortable to wear and fits perfect. you wear them for downing work around the house.

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