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Mens Long Jackets

Blazers are one of the most versatile garments known to men. It has quite literally saved us in many occasions where it is too casual to wear suits but are too formal to wear jeans and T-shirts. You can make the outfit of your choice with the blazers and all that you want to focus on is the choice of the combining garments to be paired with the blazers. Another thing to note is the fit. Recently, mens long jackets are the ones that are trending greatly at the moment. If you are thinking about the styling of the mens long jackets then we are here to help you.

Black Longcoat Grey Longcoat Navy Longcoat Camel Dresscoat

The long jackets refer to the suit jackets and blazers that come with the extra inches on them. Men who are too tall and feel uncomfortable with the standard length of the jackets and blazers can choose the long jackets. You can even alter these jackets according to your ideal length by simply taking it to your tailor which is an option that isn’t possible with the classic jackets and blazers. Usually the sleeves of these mens long jackets also slightly longer than the average styles. The sleeves of the jacket should be only ½ or 1 inch shorter than the sleeves of the mens dress shirts. Thus while getting the it is better to note these details and them make the pick.

Find the right outfit style for your garment

The jackets and the blazers are considered to be the most versatile garments since you can transform the look according to your need. Instead of the usual styling of the long jackets with the dress shirts, branch out and try different styles. There are many options with the smart casual and casual outfits that you can make with these mens long jackets. We have brought with us some tips that might help you form an outline of what all you could achieve with the mens long blazer jacket style.

Car coat The first tip that we have for is to know the type of garment that you have purchased. If you are thinking about making the long suit jacket mens work then you can style it both as a part of the suit and as separates. But if you are thinking about the blazer then it would be better to avoid wearing it as a part of the suit. Matching the exact shade is a hard thing and you don’t want to look like a person who is careless about your outfit choices. Thus only when you have a whole suit it would work to be a formal style. As for the blazers stick with the contrasting or tonal combining garments.

For a classy and fail safe outfit, you can style the navy long wool mens jacket with a light blue dress shirt, orange striped tie and then a pair of grey dress pants. To create an outfit that is full of characters, you can complete it with a pair of brown suede oxford shoes. This is an excellent choice for a formal office outfit. Other than these styles, you can also try out the 3 piece style for the office outfits. For a stylish business outfit, you can style the navy long wool mens jacket with a white dress shirt, black tie, black vest and then a pair of black dress pants. To round off the look in the best sense, you can add with the outfit a pair of black dress shoes.

The fit of the jacket should accommodate the layers underneath it

Fur Collar Longcoat Usually we choose to style the jacket with the dress shirt but people might alternate with pairing it with the turtlenecks and sweater vests. While there are extra layers that should go under the jacket the fit should accommodate it without making the whole outfit look awkward. Thus think about the style that you prefer and choose the fit of the garment accordingly. For example, if you are getting a summer jacket then you can go with the nicely fitting ones since there is less chance of you styling the linen or cotton long jacket mens outfit with layers. But if you are getting a style that you could wear for the winter occasions then you can go with a fit that accommodates these layers.

For example, you can style the grey mens long casual jackets with a grey wool knit turtleneck and then a pair of violet corduroy pants. A pair of dark green socks and black leather tassel loafers can be a great way to finish off this look. For a more formal style, you can style the royal blue long sparkly jacket men with a white dress shirt, beige sweater vest and then a pair of black corduroy dress pants. For an elegant and fitting finish to this awesome style, add with it a pair of navy socks and dark brown leather loafers. For a cool and trendy summer outfit, style the tan mens slim fit long jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white dress pants. A simple pair of black suede loafers would be a great way to bring the outfit together.

Navy Longcoat Branch out with different fabrics and patterns

We have the habit of sticking with the comfortable styles and not experimenting. But with mens long jackets, there are numerous styles to check out and try. Think about the event you are attending and choose the right style.

For example the wool black slim long jacket would be a great choice for your work outfit but if there is a special occasion involved, you could go with the long tuxedo jacket mens or the mens long black velvet jacket. Only by trying out different styles, you can learn more about your own style of fashion. As for the patterns you can start with striped long black jacket mens and then progress to the plaid mens long brown jackets. Check out different styles in our mens long jackets sale.