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Black On Black Pinstripe Suit

Till last decade black pinstripe suits were one of the most famous options for formal occasions. After some time it faded away while other styles took over. But in recent times the black pinstripe is making its comeback stronger than ever. This style has survived the time since it is one of the most versatile and flexible outfit when it comes to menswear.

For people who are not clear a pinstripe suit means the one that has very neat linings and also depends on the factor of how it is designed and the thickness and space between the stripes. The pinstripes are designed with typical thickness of being one in thirtieth in an inch and anything bigger than that is not pinstripes. Also the space between the stripes matter. For pinstripes it should be just around one in tenth of an inch to a full inch.

loafer A black on black pinstripe suit is more versatile and flexible than a typical solid black suit. While your classic black suit may look a little bit gloomy and funeral style to wear to your office, the stripes in the black on black pinstripe suits balances out this drawback and thus becomes a professional choice for your daily nine to five job. Black on black pinstripe suits lets you have both - the traditional look of the classical suits but also with the modern take of the pinstripes in it.

In the past when they were popular they were mostly preferred by professionals in the finance industry. But now in their recent comeback they have come with varied styles that when picked right can be more versatile than the traditional pick. Now as for the black on black pinstripe suits you will have to carefully pick the ensemble since it is a recent modern look. When you wear accessories like tie or like main items like shirt it is better to avoid stripes. While it is not completely out of question it will be disastrous if you match different patterns of stripes on the ties and shirts other than that of the suits.

For a safer choice it is best to go with the shirt color that is same as that of the color of the stripes in your suit. Most of the stripes are white and thus get yourself a crisp solid white shirt. Another option is to go with black on black pinstripe suits. This black on black style is more of a party look than a professional look and you can also opt forblack shirt black shirts in satin.

The tie is an accessory that you can experiment with. If you are going for a patterned look then try to keep the patterns same as the patterns on the black on black pinstripe suit. Better is to go with solid ones. If you are going with the black pinstripe suit then you can go with contrasting color of ties preferably light colors. You can incorporate patterns in it but it is best to avoid vertical patterns that do not match with the suit.