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Men's suits have long been remained in history of clothing and not going anywhere in near future. The elegant piece of clothing has withstood the test of time with only little changes. Though the details have changed the basic structure remains the same. The history of this fashion clothing is fascinating and if you are a person who is into digging onto old styles and rocking it now in present times you are in luck. Because the old fashioned suits are back in style and there is no better time to try your luck on some old elegant suits that are timeless. Firstly knowing the origin of the suits that are even now at 2020 a fashion item is interesting.

It all started back in 17th century when everything was about showing off. The royals and nobles present at that time were flourishing and didn't shy off from letting everyone know that. They invested a great deal of time and money into extravagant clothings and intricate jewelleries. But this all came to an end when Charles II King of England at that time banned all these showy and bling stuff from his royal court and instead promoted elegant simple clothes with matching cuts. Thus the fashionable suits that we have now had its starting point. Long vests and shirts with breeches and lengthy overcoats were introduced.

But the old flashy stuff was not completely gone till the fashion revolution that took place at 18th century. The normal citizens were tired of the preening of the nobles and decided to make their own fashion. This consisted of garments made of simple fabrics and had a neat comfortable style. They were designed for daily use and mostly were long pants with a short vest and a matching white shirt. They then became famous all over Europe and the trend became to wear dark suits rather than bright eccentric colors.

Then came the 19th century the fashion of long frock coat and cutaway commonly called as tuxedos started spreading. They were still a high class fashion and were mostly used while smoking. Then due to economic reasons the high quality men's suit faded away and mass production became the hot scenario. This made the men's suit cheaper and accessible to people of all classes. Thus the men's suit soon became the formal business attire at all levels.

The men of the time followed strict etiquette in terms of clothing. Formal events required cutaways and in evening receptions tailcoats were a must. In terms of daily fashion short frock coat was the standard. It was not until 1925 that men's suit turned into a all rounder. Gustav Stresemann the then Foreign minister combines a black jacket with gray pants and created a daily fashion simply because of his busy schedule. This was adopted by many politicians at that time and eventually spread all across America. This trend was the one that was improvised with the cut of the suit and the original shape remaining the same which is the case even today.

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