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Floral pattern is one of the classic patterns in fashion. For a long time it was considered to be reserved for women’s fashion and men who wore the floral pattern was either considered to be a style God or a delinquent depending on the people viewing. Anyway the floral print has progressed a great deal over these years and now men casually wear the floral printed shirts and even though rare the presence of floral tuxedos in the market makes it clear the place of floral print in the industry. In fact the floral print has surpassed the clothing industry and now is even seen in accessories and footwear. In this article we discuss the floral dress shoes and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Floral print came into menswear through the Hawaiian shirts and progressed on a great deal. Most men tend to avoid the floral prints considering it hard to pull off. If you are one among these people then mens floral shoes are the best choice for you. This is because of the fact that though shoes occupy a small part of your whole outfit they tend to be an important part and this will help you get used to the style. The floral shoes can give you a confident look infused witness personality and attitude.

Black Shoe There are a lot of styles in the men’s floral dress shoes and you can select the one which will suit you the best. The floral shoes are considered to be a top style in menswear for a long time now. This started as a casual style with the floral sneakers coming into use first but now the floral shoes are also in the court. Depending on the look that you need you can choose the style of the floral shoes.

For example if you are a subtle dresser then you can go with the formal styles with minimal floral prints on them. Floral oxford dress shoes and floral derby dress shoes are the ones that are most recommended for these formal looks. When you need a stylish and more modern look then you can choose to go with floral slipon shoes. These styles would give out a more casual but modern and relevant look.

As for the material involved in the making of the floral dress shoes the most preferred choice for you to go with is the floral leather dress shoes. These styles are the most durable and the most versatile when compared to the other choices. Floral print is obviously on the casual side and thus they suit better the summer and spring vibes. When it comes to summer events suede floral shoes are the ones that are most recommended. They are softer than the leather dress shoes and can get damaged easily especially with moisture. Other than this you can also go with the floral velvet dress shoes when you need a richer and more sophisticated look.

As for the color of the floral mens dress shoes classic ones like floral black dress shoes and navy floral shoes are the ones that are most recommended especially if you are trying out the style for the first time. The dark colors will make the print on the grounded and make the look subtle. Once you feel comfortable with the style then you can try going with the lighter colors of shoes like tan floral mens shoes and beige floral dress shoes on which the pattern will be more visible.

Slipon Shoe Here are some styling ideas of mens floral dress shoes which you can help you use it better. For a refined and stylish look you can style the black floral shoes with an ensemble of black blazer, white dress shirt and brown dress pants. For an effortlessly sleek look you can style the black floral print dress shoes with a black pinstripe suit with a black turtleneck. For a modern yet sharp look you can style the black velvet floral shoes with a white dress shirt, black tie, brown silk scarf, black double breasted vest and a pair of grey dress pants. To ward off the cold you can add with the outfit a white and black houndstooth overcoat.

For a more casual styling of the floral dress shoes you can opt to style them with the smart casual and casual outfits. For a devastatingly stylish and casually smart look you can choose to style the dark floral brown dress shoes with a navy blue suit and a simple white crew neck T-shirt. A combination of grey blazer with a purple crew neck tshirt and navy chinos could give you a stylish look and you can add a touch of sophistication to the outfit by adding with it a pair of floral shoes mens.

If you are a bold dresser and would not mind eyes on you and your outfit then you can opt for the floral on floral look. For example you can choose to go with the outfit of black floral blazer paired with a white dress shirt, Black bow tie and a pair of black floral dress pants. To make your look shine more you can add with the ensemble a pair of black floral dress shoes. The floral shoes will also work perfectly with other prints especially the sophisticated ones like Paisley.

As for casual styling of the floral dress shoes they work for most of the outfits. For a functional and dapper look you can choose to style the floral casual dress shoes with an outfit of black polo paired with a dark brown suede harrington jacket and a pair of charcoal jeans. For a stylish floral shoes outfit you can style these shoes with an ensemble of white crew neck tshirt, brown print scarf, black leather biker jacket and a pair of blue jeans. For a simple look you can style the floral mens shoes with a blue chambray shirt and blue ripped jeans.