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There are many luxury brands for apparel but one brand which is popular for mens clothing is Hugo Boss. Thus if you are thinking of shopping for a special day we would suggest you to go with the Hugo Boss tuxedos or suits. You might already have enough business suits in your wardrobe and thus for special days tuxedos would be the best choice. In this article, we will talk about the Hugo Boss brand and also selection and styling of the Hugo tuxedos.

About Hugo Boss

If you are a person who keep touch with even the basics of the fashion world then you might have definitely heard the name Hugo Boss. But not many people would know that Hugo and Boss are two different brands. They have different target groups but with the common aim of commitment to sustainability, sports and culture.

You must already be aware of the fact that Hugo Boss is one of the leading apparel companies in the global fashion market. There is a wide range of apparel that the company covers which includes businesswear, casuals, eveningwear and also athleisure wear. They aim to bring the best for their customers both men and women the best outfit for any type of situation they are in. Other from apparel, Hugo Boss also offers licensed products like eyewear, fragrances and watches.

The major reason for the popularity of the brand is the quality and style of the products it offer but it is also well known for the events and campaigns that it conducts. You can often see the models, athletes and the celebrities rocking the Hugo Boss products. Next time you watch a red carpet event, pay attention to the brand names that are getting spilled.

There are various options of the Boss tuxedos available in the market and it would be best for you to purchase the Hugo Boss tuxedo online, especially if you have to save time. In our site, you can get the tuxedos for every occasion and any price. For example, you can choose the most expensive Boss tuxedos but you can also go with the low cost Hugo Boss tuxedos.You can even get these Hugo tuxedo on discount.

If you are looking for some ideas to style the Boss tuxedos, there are no better models to look than the celebrities. There are too many events where the celebrities have been spotted wearing the stylish Hugo tuxedos. Today we have compiled some of these outfits to give you a start on the styling.

Richard Madden

If you are looking for a style of tuxedo that would work for special dinner occasions or even to your wedding then Richard Madden has you covered. The Game of thrones star was seen wearing a blue velvet designer Boss tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black velvet bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. The tuxedo jacket came with peak lapels that were in the contrasting black. With the perfectly styled hair and a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes, he looked perfect in the GQ event.

The velvet of the tuxedo jacket makes the outfit even more noticeable. Another thing that men tend to hesitate on is the color of the jacket. Black is the standard choice but blue has become a favorite in recent years. In our opinion, we would suggest you to go with navy or midnight blue tuxedos when in doubt. This is because of the fact that the blue tends to look good for both morning and evening events.

Jonah Hill

If you are more of a standard dresser then you could choose the black formal Hugo boss tuxedo look of Jonah Hill. For a promotional event that he attended, the actor was seen wearing a black branded Hugo Boss tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

If you have an invitation to a black tie event and the dress code for this event is pretty serious then this should be the outfit that you are going with. Make sure that you add a waistcoat or cummerbund which in Jonah's case was missing.

Sebastian Stan

If you are going with the serious tuxedo look for the event then Sebastian Stan's look could help. For the GQ event, the actor looked awesome in the navy blue best quality Hugo Boss tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, white pocket square and a black bow tie. The shawl collar tuxedo jacket came with the black lapels. He rounded off the look in the standard style of a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes. This would be a great groom outfit for both formal and semi formal events.

Sam Smith

If you are a person who is bored with the usual styles and want to go with something trendy then Sam Smith has you covered. For the GQ event, the man came dressed in a black unique Hugo Boss tuxedo which he paired with a black lace shirt. Yeah, you heard it right. The shawl collar tuxedo paired with the black lace shirt was the all black outfit that we have been praying for. There was no better way to complete the outfit rather than the pair of black patent leather high heeled boots. If you are attending a casual and fashionable type of event and most importantly you are ready for a head turning style then this could be your choice.

Andrew Scott

Another notable look in the GQ event came from our hot priest from Fleabag. The actor looked great in the classic black party wear Hugo Boss tuxedo that he wore with a copper silk shirt and a black pocket square. The tuxedo jacket was double breasted and the pants came with the loose cut. He added with this outfit the usual pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes to complete the look.