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Tuxedo remains to be the iconic piece of formal menswear and there is no doubt about it. But recently we have been noticing men shying away from choosing the tuxedos since the formal events have become very rare. Full tuxedos are awesome but it doesn't mean that you have to go with it all the time. You can style the tuxedo jacket as separates for the semi formal events too. Thus tuxedos are a versatile choice for people who want to go with a standard formalwear. In this article we will talk about the styling aspects involved with full tuxedos when you style then for the formal events.

Rules for full tuxedos

One of the major things that people complain about when it comes to tuxedos is the number of rules involved with styling it. For the formal black tie events, you have certain rules which will help make the attire a success.

While most people consider these rules to be a nuisance, it actually helps decide. For example, you need not spend time on selecting the right garments that would be appropriate for the event. The dress code will tell exactly what is expected of you and this will greatly reduce the decision making time.

Also in today's world, the rules are't very strict. Deviations are allowed in most cases until you stick with the major ones. Thus you will be easily able to include some personalization to your outfit without much of a hassle. If you have the invitation to the black tie event or the event which has a tuxedo dress code then we are here to help. Here are some rules involved with rightly pulling off the mens tuxedo look.

For people who are stepping into the world of formalwear for the first time, a tuxedo involves a tuxedo jacket paired with matching tuxedo pants. This should be paired with a white tuxedo shirt, bow tie, vest and pocket square. You can round off this look with the stylish addition of black leather patent Oxford shoes. Black full tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended but navy tuxedos seems to have attained a similar status now.

full tuxedos

Tuxedo jacket

The tuxedo jacket is the most important part of the whole outfit since it gets noticed the most. Thus while purchasing for the tuxedos online or in the store, take the time to focus on getting an impressive tuxedo jacket.

The thing that differentiates the tuxedo jacket from the suit jacket is the presence of the satin lapels. While the lapels of the suit jacket are made from the same material as like the suit, tuxedo jacket have lapels made from satin or grosgrain. Sometimes you might even see unique tuxedo jackets that have lapels in different color when compared with the tuxedo jacket. Thus take the time to go through the different full tuxedo on sale and then select the style that would suit your need the most.

If you are looking for a formal tuxedo style that you can wear for the important events then we would suggest you to choose the designer tuxedo with satin or velvet lapels. It would also be best to stick with the darker colors like the black or navy tuxedos.

Another thing to note about the tuxedo jacket is its style. You can choose the single breasted tuxedos or double breasted tuxedos. The single breasted tuxedos are the ones that are most common but when you want a break from the usual style and go with an expensive tuxedo look then we would suggest the double breasted full tuxedo look.

The type of lapels on the tuxedo jacket is also noteworthy. Peak lapel formal tuxedos are the standard choices for people who want the classic look. But if you are a person who leans to the trendy side of fashion then shawl lapel would be the best tuxedo choice. Notch lapels on tuxedo jackets are rare and are considered more casual than the peak and shawl lapels.

Tuxedo material

We often tend to focus much on the color of the tuxedo but ignore the choice of material on the tuxedos. The material from which the tuxedos are made should be of good quality since comfort is one of the major requirements for any garment.

Think about the weather in which you will wear the tuxedos and also the type of event for which you are dressing for. If you are attending a formal and classy event and it happens to be held in winter or autumn then it would be a great choice to go with the velvet branded tuxedos. The plush velvet fabric will instantly make your tuxedo look stylish and rich.

If you are looking for a standard and most preferred choice of material for full tuxedos then wool scores the point. It is breathable, affordable and drapes really well. Other than these, there are other choices like silk full tuxedos, worsted wool tuxedos and more.

Tuxedo shirt

The shirt that you pair with the tuxedo also should be selected with care since it takes the center stage of the outfit. The white tuxedo shirt should be crisp and clean offering the clean canvas for the black bow tie. The black and white contrast makes the whole look even more noticeable.

Tuxedo tie

Usually when we talk about tuxedos, we instantly think of bow ties. For the formal events, it is important to pair the tuxedo with the black tie but if you are not a bow tie person and the rules are not very strict then you can go with the necktie. If you are confident go with the necktie or else we would suggest you to stick with the bow tie. The color of the bow tie or necktie is better to be matched with the color of the tuxedo or for a casual tuxedo look, you can choose a different color of tie.