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Plaid Suit For Sale

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Plaids are one of the oldest patterns known to the fashion world. We see a lot of mens clothing incorporating the plaid design in it. But when it comes to suits most men tend to avoid wearing checkered suits instead sticking with the plain ones. This is because of the fact that they think it is hard to pull off when compared to the solid suits. In truth, the mens plaid suit fashion is not that hard to pull off and only requires some of your time for the details that you have to note. Thus in this article we are going to discuss the mens checkered suit style and learn how best to style it.

Before you get confused know that the mens plaid suits are also extensively known as men's plaid suits. So for people who don't know already what is plaid? Plaids are the term that is given to the clothes containing the patterns that have lines that pass through each other to form checks. There are a lot of types in checks such as tartan, Madras, windowpane and gingham. You need to go through the basics of all the styles available and then select the one that suits your taste.

As for the origin of the plaids though nowadays you can see it everywhere it originally traces back to Scotland. That was the time when the English started settling in Scotland. The land owners there saw the opportunity and sold or rented out their estates to these English people. When these people engaged in outdoor activities like hunting and riding they required sturdy clothes that helped them blend in with the surroundings. Thus the plaids were born and soon they were distinctive for separate estates. Soon this became a popular practice and each estate had its own design of plaids. After this the plaids also played an important part of the rebellion that took place at that time which resulted to them getting banned for quite some time.

Nowadays the plaids are a popular pattern that you can see on almost any men's garment. While the men are more open to wearing plaids in casual clothing they still hesitate when it comes to suits. But styling the mens plaid suits or mens checkered suits right is the key point that you have to focus on instead of avoiding it full on. In the recent times plaid fashion is making a comeback and this time is mostly focused on the younger generation. So it is time that you get to know the style and then try it out.

First of all, it is true that you need a certain level of confidence and courage to newly adopt the mens plaid suit or mens checkered suit fashion. But once you muster up that courage consider the task half done. This is because of the fact that the plaids is one of the easiest design to style and is also versatile. The versatility of the plaids is very important since it may greatly help you to reinvent your wardrobe. Also you can style the mens plaid suit or mens checkered suit according to the need whether be it formal or casual setting. While you can wear the checkered suit to your normal office day you can style the same suit for other events like weddings or such.

The first thing that you will have to decide on is the fabric from which the checkered suit is made from. This selection greatly depends on the purpose of the mens plaid suit that you are purchasing and the season at which you are intending to wear it. Now if you are getting your checkered suit to wear it to the formal events or your regular office day then it might be a good choice to go with wool plaid suits . Wool is a breathable natural fabric which keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Hence it is best to go with wool when it comes to formal plaid suits. But if you are getting the mens checkered suit to be worn in the summer times then it may be best to go with either linen plaid suits or cotton plaid suits. Wool suits may feel stuffy and uncomfortable in the warmer months and hence it is best to shift to the lighter materials. Now if you are getting the checkered suit to be worn to the special events like weddings and such then you can go with silk plaid suits. Silk had a sheen about it which makes it look instantly classy. The patterns on the silk plaid suits are also greatly visible and thus will make you look stylish and sophisticated. If you are very much concerned about the budget that you are spending on the mens plaid suits then you can go with the synthetic options like the polyester plaid suits and polyrayon plaid suits. They may not be as comfortable as the natural fabrics but can give you a good performance in a lesser price. Also remember that these synthetic suits are never made to last for a long time and plan it for a short duration.

The next thing that you will have to choose is the style of the mens plaid suit that you are purchasing. There are two main styles in the checkered suits. If you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear to the formal meetings and dinner events then your choice must be the double breasted plaid suits. They exude a look of authority and make you look important. But on the contrary if you are looking for a checkered suit that you can wear to your regular office day or any semi formal events then you can go with single breasted plaid suits. Among the two the single breasted version of the checkered suits are preferred more since it is the most versatile style. So if you are getting your first checkered suit then better stick with the single breasted mens plaid suits.

Another thing with mens plaid suits or checkered suits is that you can either go with 3 piece plaid suits or 2 piece plaid suits. You can wear the 3 piece plaid suits for formal events like marriages and evening dinner while the 2 piece plaid suits can be worn for any formal or smart casual look.

Now having decided all the basic options the next step is the most important one when it comes to checkered suits. As we have mentioned before there are a lot of styles in checks and you have to select the one that caters to your need. So here is a quick primer on the styles and where you can style them to.

The first major type of style in checks is the tartan. There are more than 400 tartan styles and these were the original name for the above explained checks introduced by the tartan clans. Though this style dates back to almost 17th century even today this style is seen on many contemporary clothes. It was by the sixties that the tartans gained a steady place in the mens shirting. Mens tartan plaid suits are a good pick if you want to try out the vintage style and they are also considered to be appropriate for the formal office setting given that the color of the plaid suit is appropriate.

The next type of the checkered suits is the black watch plaid suits. This pattern can be characterized by a check that has three colors. They usually have emerald green squares which are separated by the intersecting of the black lines. It is a type of tartan in the Scottish clan. If you are looking for a traditional suit look that you can wear to formal events then you can go with this look.

Gingham plaid suits were one of the well known designs in the sixties. This type of checkered suits can be characterized by the presence of mini square checks that are basically of two different colors, one being white and the other of a different color. They were widely known as the tablecloth pattern but nowadays gingham is one of the most preferred pattern when it comes to mens plaid suits.

The next type of checkered suits that we are going to discuss about is the one that hit it big in the forties. Windowpane plaid suits consists of lines crossing each other to make checks that are more of a rectangle rather than being a square which makes it look like a windowpane. This is one of the most preferred designs of mens plaid suits and are considered to be appropriate for formal settings. While styling the windowpane plaid suits keep in mind your body type. For example if you are a short person then you can go with vertically elongated windowpanes on the suits which will make you look taller and leaner. If you are a person who is very lean then go with vertical version which will help you look stuffy to a certain level. These patterns are available in white and off whites.

Glen plaid suits which are also widely known as Prince of Wales checkered suit was named after the Duke of Windsor who helped popularize the design. This pattern can be characterized by the presence of small and large checks that are woven tightly together and are usually available in muted colors like gray and white.

If you are looking for a casual checkered suit then you can go with Madras plaid suits. These type of checkered suits comes in soft vibrant colors. They are preppy and is best to be styled for the warmer months like summer and spring. These suits are made up of checks and stripes that create a pattern that looks uneven. More than styling it as a suit you can adopt this design to smaller accessories like ties and pocket squares.

As for styling the mens business plaid suits or the checkered suits it may be best to stick with Prince of Wales plaid suits or gingham plaid suits when it comes to work. They give you a blended look that will not make you stand out too much. Windowpane plaid suits and tartan plaid suits are better suited for the casual summer parties.

As for the color of the mens plaid suits or the checkered suits it is best to go with classic options like black plaid suits and navy plaid suits for a formal look. Other than this charcoal plaid suits are also a good pick when it comes to work related events. Other than that of you are getting it for casual use then you can go with slightly brighter or lighter colors like grey plaid suits . There are also other options like English plaid suits and Zoot plaid suits if you want a fun option.

As for the fit of the mens plaid suits or the checkered suits it is important that you get an accurate fit. This is because of the fact that these checkered suits tend to attract more attention than the solid suits and thus we should leave any room for mistake. When it comes to suits always go with the slimmer fit. Men who have a fairly proportional body type can go with slim fit plaid suits. Men who are on the leaner side still more can go with skinny fit plaid suits or super slim plaid suits. Other than this people who usually shop in big and tall sizes can go with classic cut plaid suits since they allow more room for movement when compared to the above mentioned fits. Custom made plaid suits are the best when it comes to fit but not everyone can afford to spend that much. Therefore choose a right fit off the rack suits and if not satisfied take it to the tailor and have it altered.