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Tan Overcoat

overcoats Overcoats have become a staple wear in mens fashion not only in winter but also in other seasons. Some men are so invested in this style that they are seen wearing them in summer too. The style has a unique look to it which makes the men look classy and polished. Also adding an overcoat to any outfit can easily step up your fashion giving an elevated look even for your most casual outfits.

Most of us wear overcoats so that they can fight off the cold. Because of this these tan overcoats are made of heavy materials like wool, tweed and fur which have excellent insulating properties. They are sometimes confused with topcoats but the latter coat styles are made of lighter materials and best to be worn in warmer months. In overcoats too you can choose the fabric based on the thickness so that they are appropriate for different seasons.

Wool is as far the best fabric when it comes to overcoats. They are soft, comfortable to wear and also cheap when compared to other fabrics. Of course nylon and other artificial fabrics are cheaper than wool but you will have to note the quality of the fabric since it is the most important thing. Woollen overcoats are available in best quality and also very durable. With good maintenance and proper usage they can last for years.

Cashmere is another famous fabric in overcoats and is considered to be a luxury item. The fuzzy fabric looks rich and elegant thus obviously is a Hollywood favourite. You can still see celebrities rocking this style in red carpets and models in the runways. This fabric is extremely soft to touch and comfortable to wear. All this comes in a price that some people may find unreasonable. But the feel of the fabric is one of a kind and hard to replicate. If you are not the one to spend for only a nice look then it may be best for you to stick with woollen overcoats. As said before woollen coats are durable and sturdy while the Cashmere coats can wear off easily at the cuffs and collars. Thus cashmere coatsCashmere overcoats are best to be purchased only if you already have styles to wear with your daily wears or if you are getting it for a particular special occasion. Another great option for reducing the price is to go for blends of fabrics.

Woollen with Cashmere blends is a good choice if you want to retain the softness of the Cashmere fabric but with a reasonable price. Also these blends are durable than the pure Cashmere fabrics. But if you still want to reduce the price range of your woollen fabrics then you can go with the wool and nylon blends. These artificial fabrics when paired with wool reduce the price to a certain level but it is not advisable since it also considerably reduces the quality of the fabric. If you are going for a warmer style than wool go with tan overcoats that have fur incorporated in it. Most associate fur with womens fashion and Hollywood is to blame for that. All that bling and flashy mink coats worn by the celebrities and models have stereotyped the fur. Fur is actually one of the oldest styles that was a major part in mens styles. In earlier times they were even considered to be a status symbol. Now for the overcoats styles if you are not into full fur coats then go with minimalist designs like fur in collars, hoods and cuffs. This makes the tan overcoats warm without it becoming flashy that is if you consider fur to be flashy.

As for the styles available they are numerous. You will have to know about the available ones and also the one which you need. You may have to consider the purpose of the tan overcoats and also the ones that are in trend at that time. While most of the overcoats are versatile and timeless you will have to get a quality one so that it will last for a lifetime. If for formal purposes that is if you want to wear these coats with suits and only with office wear then go with dress coats. It is best to go with double breasted styles of tan overcoats. These overcoats have two rows of buttons and gives the best formal look. If to wear over casual outfits you can go with single breasted styles. Actually these single double breastedbreasted styles are versatile and can be worn with formal as well as casual outfits. This makes it the famous style out of the two and most preferred one among the younger generation.

loafer The color of the overcoats is another major aspect you will have to note while purchasing for one. While selecting the color you will have to consider the season, the purpose and the event for which you are purchasing the overcoat. When you plan on using the overcoats for only formal events then it is better to go with darker colors like black, navy and blue. These colors are also best if you are going for winter coats since they blend in with the surroundings and the gloomy atmosphere.

On the other hand if you are thinking of wearing these coats in brighter seasons like spring, autumn or even summer then it is best to go with lighter colors like beige, tan or white. Tan is a good color when it comes to overcoats. Tan is kind of neutral and therefore works well with most of the colors. Tan is surprisingly versatile and can be paired over both formal and casual outfits. The key point in getting a tan overcoat is to select the right kind of shade since the yellowish shades available in most shops does not constitute to tan. Tan is a great color for bright days since the natural light on this color makes it look classy. Just make sure that you get the right shade and then you are ready to rock the style.