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Mens Overcoat With Fur Collar

With the cold winds setting in, winter is ready to knock on our doors and it is important that we should be ready for it with our winter wardrobe stocked properly. As for mens winter garments one of the most popular ones is the mens overcoat with fur collar. This versatile style has managed to gain a fair amount of followers even in the warmer months. Young people are often spotted wearing this style more for fashion purposes than for their functionality. But if you are getting the garment with the main purpose of warding off the cold then there are few points you will have to keep in mind before starting your purchase.

Mens-Full-Length-Navy-Coat Overcoats are basically coats which are usually long and are made with the main purpose of protecting the wearer from adverse weather elements like wind, cold ,snow and sometimes even rain. They come under the category of outerwear that is they are worn over the usual outfits whether be it casual or formal. As the main purpose of these garments is insulation these are made from heavy and thick fabrics like mens black wool overcoat, fur and tweed so that the wearer can maintain the body temperature regardless of the one outside. The fashion wears are lighter than the winter wears and are often referred to as Topcoats.

As for the fabric from which the coats are made wool is the most famous choice. This natural fabric is gives the most versatile garments and is also reasonably priced. They are sturdy and can last for a long time with minimal maintenance. They unlike the Cashmere are not that pricey and can be afforded by most. Cashmere are softer than wool and also comes with a hefty price tag. But they are a luxury fabric and is best to be reserved for special occasions since they can wear out soon. Wool does not have that restriction and thus is the best pick for daily use. Now the thickness of the mens overcoat with fur collar differ according to the winter in the particular area.

Double-Breasted-Camel-Color-Overcoat For example if you live in an area with mild winter then a medium thick double breasted pea coat overcoats will do the job and if needed you can add layers below it. But if you live in areas where the winters tend to be pretty harsh then you will need to get sturdy ones that keep you warm even under freezing temperatures. In this case fur is the best choice in the overcoats market. Fur is often connected and restricted to womens fashion but we can reassure you that it is not. Hollywood to some extent responsible for this belief but for a long time fur was a staple in mens fashion with history being the proof.

Now if you think practically fur must be the first outerwear material to be used since all that prehistoric men did were hunting and it is only logical from them to use the remaining fur skin to use as outerwear since shelter at that times were al so not that sturdy.

Mens overcoat with fur collar are the best option when you want people to notice you. They look definitely dressier than the normal coats and would be the statement piece of your outfit. When it comes to mens overcoat with fur collar then you should consider your body shape before deciding on the one. If you are a well built person then it would be better for you to stay away from big coats and opt for more slimming style.

If you are still not very convinced about going with mens long leather overcoatsmens overcoat with fur collar then you can go with minimal incorporation of it into your coats like in collars, cuffs and hoods. Parkas are a good choice when it comes to fighting off the cold. These jackets have fur in the hoods so that they could look chic and at that same time keep you warm.

All the famous styles of overcoats like trench coats and peacoats come with fur collars and if you do not get them you can opt with getting them separately and then attaching them with your favourite outfit. In this case you will first have to decide on the overcoat for which you can later find the suitable fur collar. When shopping for the fur collar it may be best to take the overcoat along so that you would get the right fit for it. If you are not very sure about the size then always go for one size bigger so that it extends beyond the lapels. It becomes unwearable if the lapels show below the collars.

As for the color of the collars if you are the one who loves subtle styles then go with collars that are a shade darker or lighter than the overcoat color. But if you do not mind trying out new styles then you can go with contrasting colored collars that break the monotonous look of the winter colors like charcoal grey or black. For example green and red tones look great when paired with brown and give out a different look. Also the fur collars are not very expensive and with minimal effort you can give a whole new look to your overcoat thus making it a good style option. Also some classic styles of mens long leather overcoats like greatcoats, trench coats and peacoats would give you a vintage look when you incorporate fur collars into them.

Another major benefit with fur collars is that you can take it out if you feel that you have had enough of it or if it simply wears out. You can just take it to your tailor or you could even do it at your home. You can also opt to have multiple fur collars and have them rotated in use. Our online store offers stylish mens overcoats with fur collars at low prices and we also have fur collars on sale separately. All you have to do is to know the size that you need and then check it with the size chart and at last order it.