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Mens Black And White Striped Blazer

Blazers are good alternative to men who are bored with the formal suits style. Most of the time people choose to go with the suits since it is the most convenient look. We all have navy suits and charcoal grey suits which get us through the office week. But when you want to change your look a little and try something newer than the formal suits then our suggestion is to go with striped blazer mens. The striped blazers would offer a more stylish and contemporary look than when compared to the plain blazers. If you are trying out the white and black striped blazers mens for the first time then you might be struggling with the styling of the outfit. Thus we provide you with some tips that will help you pick out the perfect black and white striped blazer and also with the styling of it with various garments.

Stripes are one of the patterns that men feel comfortable wearing. There are different styles in the striped blazer mens and you can choose any one of the style that would suit you. For example if you are a subtle dresser then you can try pinstripes but if you don't mind some flashiness then you can go with the chalk stripe blazers or such where the pattern is more evident. Thus know that there are various looks that you can achieve with the black and white striped blazer mens and it would truly be a versatile style to add to your wardrobe.

Now if you are already convinced and thinking about getting a black and white striped blazer mens here are some things that we would like you to note. The first thing is to choose the right fabric for the black and white striped blazer mens. If you want a formal and standard look which you can even style occasionally to your office you can choose to wool black and white striped blazer mens. The slightly thicker fabric of the garment will offer a better drape and would be a better fit for the formal events. Other than this you can also choose to go with the tweed striped blazer mens. This would be a cool style for people who have a fascination for the textures. These mens striped blazers would be great choices for the winter and fall events.

2 Button Blazer But if you are looking for a summer garment then you can choose to go with the lightweight fabrics. Cotton striped mens blazer and linen striped blazer mens are the most preferred choices for the hot days. These lightweight fabrics will allow the air to pass through and keep you cool through the scorching temperatures. While cotton and linen are the usual choices there is another summer fabric that is getting a lot of popularity in the recent times. black and white striped Seersucker blazer are a must try style for people who love the striped style. The alternating stripes on the seersucker striped blazer mens look natural and are best for summer. You don't have to worry too much about the wrinkling like with linen since seersucker naturally comes with a crumpled look.

While all the above mentioned ones are best for formal and semi formal events but are best only for regular use. As for the special occasions like the weddings and prom where you want to look all dressed up then go with the luxurious garments. Silk striped blazer mens or velvet striped blazer mens are the best choices for these events. Go through the different styles of the black and white striped blazer mens available in the market and choose the one that suits your taste and budget. Striped blazer mens online would be a good place to look if you are looking for new styles.

Next you can look for the basic style options in the black and white striped blazer mens. Single breasted striped blazers are the ones that are most preferred because of their versatility. But if you are looking for a more serious and formal look then go with the double breasted striped blazer mens. Black and white striped double breasted blazers paired with a white dress shirt, light blue striped tie and cream colored dress pants would be a stylish look for any formal event.

Now that you have found the basic things that go into the picking out of the striped blazer mens we would like to move on to the styling ideas of the black and white mens striped blazers. Starting with a formal style that would get you through even the Monday office you can style the black and white pinstripe blazer mens with a white dress shirt, black tie and Charcoal grey dress pants. To finish off the outfit style you can add with it black leather derby shoes. For a stylish and comfortable winter outfit you can style the chalk striped black and white blazer with a cream turtleneck and black dress pants. Black leather loafers would be a great choice to finish off the look of the outfit. Add with it navy socks so as to give the outfit a perfect formal look.

If you want a less formal look then here are some smart casual looks for you that we recommend. If you are dressing for a prom or party event then you would want to look stylish and cool in the outfit that you wear. Black blazer striped dress with a silk dress shirt and black dress pants is an awesome way to bring about a stylish and trendy look. For a simple and easy off duty look you can style the black and white pinstripe blazer with a white crew neck t-shirt and black chinos. White canvas low top sneakers is a sure shot way to bring out the rugged elegance of the outfit. For a airport worthy look you can style the mens striped blazer black and white with a black polo and white chinos.