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There aren't many passionate outfits when it comes to menswear. But if you suddenly get the urge to go with something fancy then you should be choosing the white and gold tuxedo.Usually white is considered to be a bright color and most men tend to avoid it. You might think it to be outrageous to combine white with another bright style which is gold. But when you actually take a look at the mens gold tuxedo outfit, you will be able to fathom the stylish look that it can deliver. Here is everything that you need to know about the mens white tuxedo outfits.

We are used to the workdays and dark clothing which creates a natural aversion to anything that is bright. We easily choose the white for the dress shirts but when it comes to more than that, we lose the confidence. But white tuxedos have long been the symbol of confidence and elegance. Hollywood has immortalized the look with all the charming heroes donning the outfit. Whenever there is a classy event happening in a tropical country, we see our stars coming out in the white tuxedos. If they can pull it off, so can you.

You might term it as blind confidence but in reality only confidence can make you look a lot better. When it comes to gold tuxedos, you just need to find the right event for which you can wear the style. We would recommend you to choose the stylish white and gold tuxedo for the summer and spring events. The nature of the event also determines the look that you need. For example, if it is formal wedding then you can choose the gold tuxedo and bow tie look. The extent of gold in the tuxedo also should be decided according to the event.

If you are the groom, you can go with the outfit that turns heads. But if you are the guest then go with the minimalistic look. For example, you could simply style the white tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a gold bow tie. Round off the look with a pair of black patent leather shoes. But if you want a notable look then you could style the white tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, gold bow tie and a gold pocket square. You can complete the look with the addition of a pair of gold leather shoes. The gold leather shoes can give you a look that is instantly attractive. Just wear it with confidence for the look to work.

Whichever the style of white and gold tuxedo that you choose, we would recommend you to get it online. When you purchase the white tuxedo online, you tend to have more options than when you get the garment from the retail outlets. You can use the gold tuxedo near meoption to find the sites that have the particular style of white gold tuxedo on sale. You can even get the white tuxedo on discount when there are specific offers available.

You could also style the tuxedo in a casual way. If you are a person who likes the laid back style more than the standard tuxedo look then get your imagination running. There are endless possibilities in styling the white tuxedo since it is neutral color. Depending on the look that you aim for, choose the right style of the combining garments.

To start with a simple and easy to put together look, you can style the casual white and gold tuxedo with a black crew neck t-shirt and then round off the look with a pair of white leather Gucci loafers. This is a mix of casual and elegant style which would be perfect for the casual and semi formal gatherings.

If you are aiming for a more grounded look, you could style the affordable white tuxedo with a brown crew neck t-shirt and then add with it a pair of dark brown leather low top sneakers. Gold is an accent color of brown and thus the look would be blended together nicely. For the sun and fashion, include a pair of dark brown sunglasses.

Another strong look that you can try is the pairing of the formal gold tuxedo with a burgundy floral dress shirt and dark brown sunglasses. To give the outfit a modern touch, you can add with it a pair of tan suede tassel loafers.

If you are looking for a more casual

And breezy look then you should be pairing the white and gold tuxedo with the light colored combining garments.

The first look that you should try is the white with white look. For a simple and classy look, you could pair the formal gold tuxedo with a white dress shirt. Contrast the full white look with the addition of a pair of black leather loafers.

For a more casual and modern look, you could style the designer white and gold tuxedo with a white mesh crew neck t-shirt, white leather fanny pack and a white leather belt. Along with a pair of black sunglasses and white leather Chelsea boots, this is a great look that you can try out.

For a summer stylish look, you can style the casual white and gold tuxedo with a grey striped crew neck t-shirt. Add with the outfit a pair of violet sunglasses and a pair of light violet canvas espadrilles.

For a modern men's formal look, you can style the classic white and gold tuxedo with a blue dress shirt, charcoal plaid tie and a grey pocket square. To play down the look of this outfit, you can add a pair of dark brown suede loafers. You can also choose the patterned looks when you want an unique white gold tuxedo outfit. Paisley and floral tuxedos have become a lot famous in the recent years.