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The collar on the dress shirt is an important detail to note since it is one of the very few areas that is visible even when you wear a jacket over the dress shirt. Though it is an insignificant detail it influences the look of the outfit to a great degree and the number of styles available in the market is the proof. While we go with the dress shirts we usually tend to choose the common ones like spread collar dress shirt and point collar dress shirt. In this article we discuss about the double collar dress shirt, when you can use the style and how best to do it. The double collar shirts are trending at the moment and this obviously they are now available in all colors and patterns. Thus you might not worry about the choices for you choose from since there is a plenty of it. The double collar shirts are indeed rare and thus some might know what we are talking about. In that case the double collar shirts come with two collars with the upper one being usually buttoned to the larger lower one. The double collar shirts are not the usual style and thus will be sure to attract some attention when you wear it. When you go with the double collar shirt style it can showcase your individuality when all others sport the same style. The double collar shirts are usually recommended when you do not want to wear a tie with the dress shirt.

If you are thinking of getting the double collar shirts then there are some things that you will have to note. The fabric of the men's double collar dress shirts make an important factor since they influence the look of the shirt to a great degree. Usually when it comes to dress shirts cotton is the best fabric since it has the properties that are best for dress shirts. Cotton double collar shirts are the ones that are most recommended especially if you are getting your first dress shirt. The 100% cotton double collar shirts will breathe well and this is a great property for a garment that you are going to wear underneath the thick garment like jacket. Other than this the double collar cotton dress shirts are also light in weight and do not wrinkle easily making them the best pick for formal and semi formal events. If you think that the 100% cotton double collar shirts are too expensive then you can choose to go with the blend of cotton with synthetic fabrics like polyester. Usually the half cotton and half polyester double collar dress shirts are the ones that are most recommended. Some would argue that these shirts will not be breathable because of the synthetic blend but if you are a person who is working in an air conditioned building as with the case with most corporate workers then the cotton blend double collar shirts might work just fine. But it would be best to avoid the 100% synthetic double collar shirts at any cost.

The linen double collar dress shirts are the next recommendation but it would be best for you to reserve them for casual use like for travelling and party type events. This is because of the fact that the though linen being a lightweight fabric with great moisture wicking properties they tend to wrinkle fast which is not preferred for formal use. Though the wrinkles on the double collar linen dress shirts will not look shabby it is still recommended to restrict it's usage to the casual events. If you want to reduce the wrinkling go with linen blend double collar shirts. We have mentioned before that the double collar mens shirts tend to attract attention and thus they are well suited for the events where you want to look dressed up. When you go for these events you will need a classy look and thus it will be better for you to go with satin double collar dress shirts and silk double collar shirts. You can pair these stylish double collar shirt with appropriate garments to achieve the look that you need.

leather loafer After you select the details on the double collar dress shirts you might be wondering on where to style this garment. The mens double collar shirts is a surprisingly versatile style and you can wear them to almost all events. But the choice of mens double collar shirts will be best when you want to make an impression on the people you meet. For example if you are attending an interview and choose to go with double collar shirts then it will be sure to capture the eye of the interviewer. It will make you look to be an unique person who doesn't mind taking risks to get things done. Other than this you can also style them for special occasions like wedding and such. As for the color of the double collar shirts the most common recommendation that you will get is the white double collar shirts. But if you want a different look but still want a formal style then try out the light blue double collar dress shirts or pale pink double collar shirts. When you are purchasing the shirt for a casual occasion then you can choose the darker colors like red double collar shirts and black double colla shirts.

leather loafer The plain double collar dress shirts are the ones that are most common since they are easier to style. But if you want a different style and is trying to experiment with the casual styles then try to add some patterns in your selection. For a simple and formal look you can go with stripe double collar shirts. But when you need a casual style then go with plaid double collar shirts and polka dot double collar shirts.