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The fabric of the clothing influences many of the factors of the garment like Durability and the comfort of the wearer. Thus this is better to choose the fabric of the garments that you but with care and after properly knowing about it’s properties. There are very few fabrics that are considered to be ideal for the formal garments. One of those fabrics that was popular in the early times but has become uncommon in recent times. In this article we discuss the gabardine pants and some of the best ways in which you can use the fabric in recent times.

There is a high chance that the most of the people would have never heard about gabardine as a fabric. Gabardine is a tough and tightly woven fabric which can be used to make the suits, trousers and overcoats. The twill fabric can be made from any of the fabrics like the cotton, worsted wool or any of the wool blends. More than defining the gabardine as a specific kind of fabric it is more of a variation of the existing fabrics. The gabardine fabric is specifically a twill fabric that has more number of warp yarns rather than the welt yarns present in it. As for the defining characteristics of the gabardine fabric it has a silky feel and does not easily get soaked.

Most of the times gabardine is often confused with gaberdine but the words refer two different things. While gabardine is the above mentioned fabric but gaberdine refers to a certain type of clothing which is a long garment that was popular among the poor people in the 16th century. You will find the reference of this garment in Shakespeare’s the merchant of Venice.

When you are thinking of going with the pants there will be a lot of advantages that would make it a great pick. Before delving into those details it may be best if you get to know the history of the fabric and the journey it has come across over centuries after it’s invention. The gabardine fabric was first known to be invented by Thomas Burberry. The fabric is said to have invented in 1879 and was later patented in 1888. The fabric was first introduced for the making of the overcoats. At that time the overcoats were made of a different fabric that was thick in its making. While these overcoats were great for warding off the cold they created adverse effects when exposed to sun. These rubber overcoats when exposed to sweat stuck to the body of the wearer and they were also not waterproof.

Thus the need for a new fabric that had good waterproof qualities was needed. The gabardine overcoats that were later developed were usually waterproof and also more comfortable than the previous rubberised overcoats. The gabardine overcoats were first used by the polar explorers even by the ones who were on antartican exploration since they were great at protecting the wearer from the cold winds and snow.

The gabardine garments were greatly popular in the 1950s when the short waisted jackets which were widely known as the weekender jackets trended. Other than this the men’s gabardine suits and men’s pants also became popular and was greatly preferred by the people. In recent times the popularity of the pants or any gabardine clothing on the whole is on the downhill but if you find a good quality one then it would be a great choice to have one of these in your wardrobe collection.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to pants since it is not an average fabric but here we mention the two best characteristics which will convince you add one of these in your collection. The first thing about the pants or any of the gabardine garments is that whichever fabric that the pants are made of the garment gives out a lustrous and silky feel. As mentioned before the pants are made of cotton, worsted wool or any of the wool blends but the tightly woven property of the fabric gives the garment a silky feel.

Gabardine pants also have the best water repelling properties. The tight weave of the pants helped the garment to keep the water out and thus are great choices if you live in a place that involves a lot of snowing. It still might not be advisable to wear the gabardine suit or the pants when there is a high downpour but the fabric can hold in a great way when there is a slight drizzle and it can keep you dry for a certain period of time.

As for the pants it has a lot of history which is almost a century old. The wool pants were popular in the 1930s and the gabardine odd trousers were much preferred at that time. These pants were usually considered to be an alternative to the gray flannels. Most of the time tan pants, and khaki pants were worn with the Navy blazers and this combination was considered to the workday attire for the men of that time.

You can wear the gabardine pants almost through all the times of the years. When you want a garment that you can wear in the winter time it would be best to stick with the dark colored pants like the Navy pants and charcoal pants. But when you are getting the pants to wear in the summer time then you can choose the light colored ones like the white pants and the cream pants. This is because of the fact that the light colored pants would attract much attention than the dark colored ones and thus would stand out too much in the gloomy seasons like winter or fall. The color of the pants is the one factor that gets easily noticed by the viewer in an instant and thus it would be better to choose them with care.

The pants come in solid styles most of the times but there are also pants that come with patterns. You can select the pattern depending on the how you are intending to use the garment. For example if you are getting the pants for formal use like to use as a workwear then you can go with the pinstripe pants or the chalk stripe pants. The pinstripe pants with subtle stripes will make the garment look solid from a distance and thus better for the formal use. The chalk stripe pants will be best for casual use or for a bolder look since the stripes on the garment is more apparent than it is on the pinstripe pants.

When you need a more casual style then go with the bolder styles like the plaid pants or the windowpane gabardine pants. Other than this you can also go with the textured ones like the herringbone gabardine pants or the houndstooth pants. The pattern on the pants influence the look of the pants a great deal and thus would require care when choosing.

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As for the properties of a good pants you will have to check a few qualities which denote that you have made the right choice. The first thing that you will have to note when getting the pants is that the pants should hang well. This is because of the fact that the pants are tailored to fit around the waist and the legs and thus should hang well for the look to be perfect. Make sure that you go with the high quality pants that will drape properly over the waist and the legs. This clean drape of the pants will create a sharp line for the wearer and will retain the shape even when the garment is bent or stretched.

A pair of quality pants should be shape resistant that is it should not be baggy at the knees despite the pressure at the area and the fabric should also have some natural stretch about it which will make the garment return to its shape after it is being stretched due to the pressure. This is an important characteristic of the trousers and it is the best when it comes to pants. The tightly woven twill fabric of the pants will give you a dense fabric which will have the above mentioned characteristics.

pants are best to be used in menswear since the womenswear usually use loosely woven fabric that helps it flow or shape around the body of the wearer without having a definite shape. These garments will also lose their shape when under pressure.

Another important factor that you will have to check about the pants is their resistance to pilling. When the weave of the fabric is loose then it tends to pill with extensive use. To check this you can take the fabric between your fingers and rub it in circles over 10 times and see if the little fluff of cloth comes out. If this happens then there is a high chance that those gabardine pants will pill later especially in places that are subjected to most abrasion like the area between the legs. Thus while selecting the pants make sure that you go with the high quality ones that will last for a certain period of time. Also it would be great if you tend to put effort into maintaining the garment in the right way.

pants are hard wearing and durable and thus can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe collection. There are different styles in the pants and you can choose the one that would suit your style the best. For a pair of formal pants you can choose to go with the wool pants but when you are in need of a little more casual look then you can choose the worsted wool pants since the texture involved with it gives it an interesting look. When you are on a budget you can choose to go with the blended pants which can include the benefits of the all the fabrics that are blended to create the combination.

As for the styles of pants you can go with the flat fronted gabardine pants when you need a casual and stylish look. The flat fronted pants give the wearer a fitting look which is perfect to be worn with both formal and casual styles. But when you need a roomier choice of pants then you can get the help of the pleats on the garment. Single pleated pants have a single pleat on either side of the legs portion while the double pleated pants come with a pair of them on either side. These pleats consists of a folded fabric which later expands to give room when the wearer walks or sits.

The fit of the pants is also another important factor to note. When you need a formal look you can go with the slim fit gabardine pants and then pair them with formal combining garments like a navy blazer, white dress shirt and navy polka dot tie. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather brogues. For a smart casual style you can go with the modern fit pants and then style with it a pink crew neck tshirt and a grey plaid wool blazer. To properly complete the look you can add with it a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. If you are a lean person and love perfectly fitting garments that fit like a second skin and accentuate your legs then skinny fit pants would be a great pick. Classic fit pants would be a good pick when you need a roomier style.