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Mens Sequin Pants

When it comes to mens pants most of us choose to go with the safest options like the black pants and charcoal pants. This is because of the fact that these colors are the most versatile and can work for most events. In the same way when we select the fabric of the pants we also tend to think about versatility and go with the wool pants or cotton pants. While this is a good practice there are some timed when you have to set aside this versatility and go with your heart. The party outfits that you buy might not work for most events but still they are the best for fun looks. In this article we discuss the sequin pants and all that you need to know about the garment before you get one for yourself.

When we talk about sequins most of men give us weird looks since sequins come under the category of clothing that we often reserve for the women's fashion. Sequin garments like sequin jackets and sequin pants are mostly avoided by men since they are considered to be flashy styles and this hard to pull off. While this is true to some degree when you learn to style the sequin pants and other sequin garments in the right way then you can make the look work easily. In recent times the sequin garments like sequin pants are becoming popular among both men and women. Thus we compile some things you should know about the sequin garments like sequin pants so that you can confidently pull off the style.

Sequins are not a new style and you will be surprised when you learn how many years these flashy discs have survived in fashion industry. The first usage of the sequins is traced back to ancient Egyptians since in 1922 archeologists discovered a tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tut where flashy garments embroidered with discs of pure gold was found. These garments were considered to be a possession of the Pharaohs which he can use to pass into afterlife.

In 1930s the use of lightweight sequins was developed and used by the fashion designers. These were gelatin colored and were doused with lead paint but they were highly impractical since they melted under high temperatures. These sequins were used mostly to create flashy sparkling dance costumes and band uniforms. In recent times the sequins used are made of mylar or plastics. In recent times the sequins garments like sequin pants are now being widely used for even casual events like fun parties and such.

Sequin Pants As for styling the mens sequin pants there are a few things that you will have to note. While styling the sequin pants or any sequin garments in general you should make sure to style them with simple garments. This way you can let the sequin pants be the main element of your outfit. One flashy item at that time is the base rule for styling the sequin garments. For example if you are going with the sequin black pants then you should make sure to go with simpler garments like black dress shirt or a black crew neck tshirt to give out a balanced look. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers.

The size of the sequins on your sequin pants or any other sequin clothing matters a lot. When you go with large sequins on the sequin pants mens then the garment looks more flashy than the ones with small sequins. Thus if you are a person who is trying out the sequin pants style for the first time then make sure to go with small sized sequins on the sequin pants. Also the sequin dress pants with small sized discs can make the garment look like a solid style from a distance especially if it is of a dark color. Also these sequin dress pants will be easier to style when compared to the sequin pants with large sized discs.

The color of the sequin pants is another one of the important detail that you will have to note about the garment. As mentioned before sequin pants are in itself a flashy style and thus while you select the color of the sequin pants make sure to spend some time to pick it out with care. If you are trying out the sequin pants for the first time then it will be best for you to go with the classic colored sequin pants. Our best recommendations are for you to go with the black sequin pants or the Navy sequin pants. These dark colored sequin pants are much easier to style and much versatile comparatively. But if you are getting the sequin pants for casual and fun use you can choose to go with the brighter styles like burgundy sequin pants and emerald green sequin pants. These brighter styles of sequin mens pants will be sure to attract some attention on your outfit and thus you should be confident in pulling off the look.

As for styling the sequin pants mens you should choose it depending on the type of event you are attending. For example if you are attending an semi formal evening event which requires you to dress up then you can choose to go with the 2 piece sequin pants set with jacket. This sequin pant suit set will give out a flashy and sophisticated look especially if it is of darker colors. On the other hand when you are attending a casual event like fun parties and such you can choose to go with the style sequin casual pants with a crew neck tshirt and a simple blazer. Other than this you can try choosing other rarer styles of the pants like sequin denim pants and even the patterned ones like sequin casual sequin plaid pants. There are a lot of sequin pants online from which you can choose from.