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loafer The origin of the name of this suit is traced back to a group of Mexican-American youth, believed to be the leaders of a series of crimes in United States. This ethnic group had their own dialect and a distinct way of clothing. In the 60's and 70's these suits symbolized an expression of freedom and rebelliousness. In the previous decade this suit hit the limelight with its classy style, similar to any other piece of dress, it was used on different occasions to showcase an one of a kind nature.

Pachuco suits got their name from an infamous group of 1940s rebels in Los Angeles. The pachucos were mostly second generation Mexican-Americans and were prevalent in East LA during the time America was engaged in the Second World War. The members of the group dressed in zoot suits, dodged the draft and were believed responsible for a corresponding increase in the juvenile crime rate. The original pachuco suits were zoot suits with long knee-length jackets with baggy trousers tapered at the ankle. Most pachuco wore their hair in pompadour styles. Their style influenced the 1950s greaser styles. The style began to gain popularity again in the late 1990s, with updated fashions of this time honored classic style. It continues to be a popular choice in fashion suits for men.

 loafer  loafer  loafer

We carry pachuco suits in a selection of bold colors. Our suits are made in Florence, Italy and are of high quality in both materials and workmanship, including hand finishing on details, such as eyeglass pockets. These suits feature a cut and style that resembles Armani.

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