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What matters when selecting a tuxedo? The design? The cut? The fabric? All these details are important but one thing that easily captures everyone's attention on the first glance is the color of the tuxedo. For people who want to stand out with their fashion sense, it would be great to choose a colored tuxedo.

You might wonder, aren't all tuxedos colored? You are right! But when a colored tuxedo is mentioned, it usually refers to the tuxedos that are in colors that aren't standard for a tuxedo. When purchasing for a tuxedo, most people would just go with something classic like a black tuxedo or a navy tuxedo. These are the two major options that we have when it comes to formal tuxedos.

But in recent times, formal clothes aren't only for formal events. You can try pairing them with casual combining garments and create a cool fusion style. The same goes for the tuxedos. Also there aren't many events that have the strict dress codes. Hence it makes sense to look beyond the age old tradition of always choosing the black or navy tuxedos.

Our celebrities already seem to have gotten the memo about the colored tuxedo fashion. It is common to see exciting streaks of colors on red carpet but what has changed in recent years is that it now has become common with mens fashion too. For years, men have let the women have the spotlight by choosing the boring standard tuxedo styles. Now that we are out of that low-esteem bubble, it is best to get the most out of it.

When it comes to choosing the colored tuxedos, you need to put in actual effort to find the style that would suit you the best. Depending on your taste and confidence level, you can choose the outfit in which you will feel comfortable. We don't want you to go into hiding in the middle of the event while rocking a white tuxedo.

For example, if you are a person who has spent your whole life going with the simple and standard tuxedos, it might be a big step to transition into mens tuxedos. In that case, instead of pushing yourself too much like choosing the pink tuxedos, you can try something that is closer to your comfort zone. A royal blue designer colored tuxedo or a dark green tuxedo and bow tie would be a subtle start to your fashion journey.

You can explore the different options of tuxedos online but make sure that you going with something that you will feel comfortable wearing. You can check out the sites that have the tuxedos on sale and then pick out the style that would suit you the most. The tuxedos are also available in different price ranges. You could choose the most expensive tuxedos but you can also go with the low cost tuxedos. Take into consideration all the details and then find the best style that would be suitable for you.

Now for the styling of the unique tuxedos, it would be better to keep the combining garments simple and let the tuxedo be the center piece of your outfit. Go with a branded tuxedo that is of good fit and let it do the work. Pairing it with bright or eye catching combining garments will only make your outfit look loud and obnoxious.

If you have decided to give the mens tuxedo a try and want some styling tips on the same then you are at the right place. Here we have compiled some of the best colored tuxedo outfits of the celebrities which might help you find the style suitable for you.

colored tuxedo

Daniel Craig

If you haven't guessed already, of course we are going to start with the pink tuxedo jacket look of our own James Bond. Daniel Craig is a treat to look at both offscreen and onscreen and one of his great positives is his fashion sense.

The actor looks flawless in everything he wears and it is obvious that he puts in conscious effort for that. For the premiere of his film "No time to die", the actor slayed in the fucshiya colored tuxedo jacket style which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, white pocket square and black tuxedo pants. He rightly rounded off the look with a standard pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

Now we remember the internet going nuts with this style since Daniel Craig has mostly stuck with the formal and standard styles in the past. With this outfit, the world was announced the dominance of the colors on the mens fashion too.

Calman Domingo

The Oscars is arguably one of the most formal events to be held globally. There was a time when the men swarmed the event in identical black and navy tuxedos but the times have changed. Now we can see more colors and with it comes excitement.

When we say excitement, calman Domingo was the walking proof of it in the Oscars. He went with a hot pink best tuxedo and paired it with a matching tuxedo shirt and vest. He not only experimented with the color but also the texture of the tuxedo. The man looked awesome in the casual tuxedo style that also came with the shiny thread like embroideries on the jacket and the tie. He grounded the stylish outfit with a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

Dwayne Johnson

For people who need a more simple style, you could take style lessons from the Rock. For the award event he attended, the man went on to wear a royal blue tuxedo jacket which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. This might seem to be the standard outfit choice but the catch is that instead of the usual wool tuxedos style, he braved the velvet royal blue tuxedo jacket look.