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Cintos Piteados

When we tell a person to dress up most would fuss over a suit or a tuxedo. Most times the smaller details do not get much attention and just gets thrown on in the last minute. But some of these smaller details like shoes on the men tend to gain major interest than the suit itself. Thus when dressing up it is recommended for you to keep in mind every small detail for the outfit to look great on the whole. Belts are one of the most essential accessories that do not get much attention. In this article we discuss the cintos piteados and why you should need one of these in your wardrobe.

Cintos piteados usually refer to the Western style leather belts that are popular among the cowboys. These style of cintos piteados are extensively detailed and can turn eyes on the first glance. Cintos is the spanish word that is used to refer to a sash or a belt that is worn around the waist. Piteados on the other hand refers to the artisan technique on the leather of the belt. By this technique a thread called the pita or ixtle which is made from the fiber of the century plant is embroidered on the leather. This decorative pattern is often found on the belts, saddles, sandals and other leather accessories. This technique of leather embroidery is popular in Mexico and central America.

Black Belt The patterns embroidered on the cintos piteados can include flowers, animals and pre-hispanic symbols. There are many places that are popular for the cintos piteados but jalisco is well known for the unique pieces. There are two main types of production in jalisco and each are popular for their own characteristics. There is a large market for the imitation cintos piteados that are machine made using the automation processes. These are cheaper than the handmade cintos piteados and there are also different styles for you to choose from.

But there are also the manufacturing cintos piteados that are provided with the embroidery of the non precious silvery and gold wires on the leather of these belts. Sometimes these cintos piteados are fraudulently traded over as genuine gold and silver laced ones in the market. Thus when you want to go with cintos piteados embroidered with real silver or gold then make sure that you buy them from well known sites or sellers so that you get the genuine cintos piteados for the money you spend on it.

Brown Belt The piteados work on the cintos piteados and other leather materials are considered to be the traditional art craft that was made by hand. This process is even mentioned in some Mexican folklore and several other communities of the Mexican state. Colotlan is a town in jalisco which is considered to be the capital for the piteados work. There are a lot of cintos piteados craftsman in this town and it is one of the major source of income for the town's inhabitants. Each of the piteados work seen on the accessories is said to need about 3 skilled men to work on it.

The handcrafted cintos piteados are considered to be the best in the market. To perfectly handcraft a cintos piteados it is said to take 48 hours of labor. The kind of thread used in the embroideries of the cintos piteados are available only in certain regions like Veracruz and Oaxaca. The cintos piteados from these regions have intricate workmanship but dur to the lack of advertising there isn't much popularity surrounding these stunning pieces of accessories.

A foundation promoting the cintos piteados sale is located in Veracruz and it also has branches in Florida and Shanghai. This organization aims to support and make contributions to the machines and equipment for the piteados artisans. Other than this they also help in the research in the improvement and innovations of the plant from which the cactus fiber for the threads is obtained. There are a lot of new designs for cintos piteados that are being experimented which use new products. This aims to preserve the non renewable resources involved in the making and replace them with new products. They introduce these techniques to the innovative artisans and promote their products. Other than mens cintos piteados the organization also helps in the improvements of the manufacturing of some of the other traditional products and make sure to keep the art form in use and preserve the history behind them.

Black Belt Black Cinto Piteados Cognac Belt Cognac cinto Piteados
Cintos piteados mens belts come with extensive detailing and thus you cannot wear them for the formal events or for regular office use. Thus the cintos piteados are often considered to be casual belt choices or you can choose to wear them for events where you want to look dressed up. If you are a person used with the dark colored leather belts then this style of mens cintos piteados would look flashy on the first glance but when you style them properly they can easily blend in with the outfit you are wearing. When choosing the cintos piteados there are a few things that you should note for it to be the best pick.

The material of the cintos piteados is one of the important thing to note since they influence the quality of the belt to a great deal. Make sure that you go with high quality leather cintos piteadoswhich will last for a long time instead of going with the cheap ones that will wear out soon. The width of the cintos piteados belts is another thing to note. If you consider the style to be flashy or trying it out for the first time then choose to go with the slim cintos piteados or the ones with minimal detailing. There are many designs that come with single line of piteados detailing which can help you get used to the style. There are many sites that offer cintos piteados for sale but make sure to choose the authentic ones.

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