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Portly Suit

Summary: Portly suits are mainly designed for the stocky or overweight men.  Portly is used as a polite version of overweight. It is for the person who is bulky or mainly over sized from the waist and towards the tightened more room inside their dress to breathe and that is exactly a Portly Suit does. There is more room in the sides of a portly suit coat, and the pants are larger in the waist region.

The measurement of this type of suit is very important because if your fit is not proper then it can make you look sloppy and very much uncomfortable. Men’s suit sizes are mainly based on two things, height, and width. The chest measurement is something you should consider first while you are going for tailoring your cloth. A regular suit has 6-inch “drop” or difference between chest and waist. Portly men do not have that much difference between the chest and waist size, so the drop on a portly suit is at most 4-inches. Therefore, the measurement is highly required and recommended.
Let us discuss about the measurement of portly suits:

  • Wrap the tape around your chest for a proper measurement. Always measure at the widest part of your chest. You should stand straight while measurement is taken and your tape should not twist. Make the proper note of the measurement.
  • Take the measurement over arm through your chest again. But this time the whole concentration should go into the arms and not in chest. Hold the tape tightly so that it should slip an inch, else arm length would look very ill fitted.
  • Subtract seven from the over arm measurement.
  • Compare your adjustment of the over arm portion with the chest measurement.  Take the larger of the two that will represent your suit jacket size.
  • Next comes to the measurement of your waist at the top of your hipbones. It is taken usually just at one or two inches of the belly button. However, do not make it a very low waist as it is not the measurement of the hips for portly suits.
  • Use the tape to measure your inseam. The inseam is the actually the measurement from the crotch of your trouser to the length which you want along the inside of our leg. This is also very important or you will feel very uncomfortable.
  • Your height is most important so use that height to give a very proper shape and size to your suit. Your height would affect the size of the suit, because if you are taller, then you will have a longer torso. In addition, if you are short wear the extra short size.

You can find your desired suits in almost all kind of sizes in all leading stores. If you are brand conscious then you can visit there also, but those suits is going to cost you more. Nevertheless you can always spend a piece of fortune for your designer portly suits.

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