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Mostly with tuxedos, men go with the standard color choices like black or navy. We admit that these are the most versatile colors but does that mean that you have to stick by then your whole life? There are a lot of other colors to try out and today our recommendation for you might be a little out of the usual choice – mint green tuxedos.

Mint green can be defined as a combination of blue, green and white. The subtle and light shade could easily work for the summer and spring events because of the refreshing look that it offers. If you have been following the recent fashion trends then you might know that mint green has become one of the most preferred colors for both men and women. If you are looking for a break from your business wardrobe and go with something that suits the holiday vibe more then our recommendation for you is mens mint green tuxedos.

Mint green is a light color and thus would perfectly suit the casual events rather than the formal ones. Style the garment for the fun type events that happen during the hotter months. The success of the outfit greatly depends on your selection of the combining garments. Take the time to go through various styles and then make the choice.

While styling the green tuxedos do not always think of choosing the usual combining garments that are to be paired with the tuxedos. You can think out of the box since everything is fair in fashion. You can try out new styles and create a trend of your own. Try out the casual combining garments since they would easily match the light colored tuxedos. Do not be afraid of experimenting your outfit since being stagnant with fashion is getting you nowhere.

Colors that work well with mint green

As we have mentioned before, you need to be open while selecting the combining garments to be worn with the green tuxedos. The color combination is the major thing to note since the color of the combining garments should work well with the color of the tuxedo.

First think of the tuxedo and the style of it. Most of the men would simply purchase the plain mint green tuxedo online but you would be surprised when you really check out the number of different styles available in the market. Check for the sites that have the mint green tuxedo on sale and then make the choice. If you go with the plain tuxedo then you have more choices of combining garments. But if you are choosing a patterned style then we would suggest you to go with combining garments that are of the matching shades of the patterns on the tuxedo. This would give your outfit a coordinated look and also make your styling effortless. While choosing the combining garments, also think about the nature of the event you are attending. For formal events go with the formal or semi formal outfit styles but for the casual events, you could go crazy with your choice.

For now, we will list the colors that work well with mint green and this will make easier the process of you selecting the combining garments.

Mint green and white

Almost all colors look good when paired with white but this is especially true with the lighter shades. Mint green looks soothing when paired with white combining garments and would be perfect for the summer and spring events.

For a smart casual look that could turn heads, you could pair the double breasted designer green tuxedo with a white dress shirt and leave it at that. Now all you need will be a pair of dark brown sunglasses and black leather tassel loafers to add a little kick to this particular ensemble.

If the event is more on the formal side and you want to look dressed up for the occasion then you can style the branded green tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a beige printed tie. With a beige wool hat and tan suede loafers, you would look the epitome of stylishness in the event you attend.

Another common style that works in all cases is to style the casual mint green tuxedo with a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers. This outfit is the perfect mix of formal and casual for people who want an impressive summer party look.

Blue and mint green

Blue also pairs well with all colors but it is one of the base colors of mint green which makes them look good together. We would suggest you to stick with the lighter shades of blue for a subtle look but if you want a stronger look go with the darker shades.

For example, you could style the formal mint green tuxedo with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy print tie and a red pocket square. To properly complement the look of this outfit, you can add a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers with it.

For a casual but polished look, you can pair the stylish green tuxedo with a navy zip neck sweater and a navy beanie. This contemporary look can be pulled off completely with the addition of black and white athletic shoes.

Mint green and pink

The pastel colors look good when paired with each other and you can use this to your advantage. If you want a breezy look then mint green with pink should be your combination.

For a simple look, you could pair the affordable green tuxedo with a pink crew neck t-shirt and a pair of beige suede loafers to round off the look. But imagine that you are in a wedding and you are the groom you need a more convincing look. In that case, you could style the groom mint green tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a pink floral tie.