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If you love vintage styles as much as we do then you would definitely love the Victorian tuxedo style. Fashion has evolved during the numerous years but the basic of the mens fashion remains the same. Be it the suits or the tuxedos, you still can note the touch of the decades on even the newest style. This makes mapping the evolution a much interesting job. Also the old styles do not die fully. We still tend to bring it back whole or partly in the name of vintage. If you like to step for a bit into the Victorian world of fashion then this is the right place.

The Victoria era of fashion started in the late 1830s when queen Victoria ascended the throne. You might already know that this was the time when the industrial revolution was at its full speed. The fashion at the Victorian era became quite the opposite of the fashion era before it which was dandy and full of glittering styles. People viewed the extravagant clothes were considered to be impractical and instead men chose simple and grave garments that spelled out business.

If you are a person who likes subtle fashion then Victorian era of fashion would be a treat to you. In many ways, the Victorian era greatly influenced the fashion styles that we have now. Also with the emerging popularity of the industrial garments, the suits and other garments were available in cheap prices. But this also meant that the garments were mass produced and thus lacked the individuality that was present before this era. People stopped viewing fashion as the index of their social position and thus the drab garments soon became the preferred fashion.

While the men went with the subtle grey and black suits for their everyday use, what about the special occasions? The evening attire still remained to be a thing during the Victorian era and people took it quite seriously. The people considered the suits that they wore for their work to be a state of undress while being dressed up meant they were attending important social events. The evening dress etiquette was for the men to show some form of respect to the society and also to the host of the event.

There were two types of mens Victorian tuxedos which were known by the names morning dress and evening dress. Each had their own etiquette and was to be worn for different types of events. If you have been thinking of trying out the stylish Victorian tuxedo then you should first know the difference between these two and then make an informed choice.

The evening dress during the Victorian period was considered to be the pinnacle of formalness. It was also widely known as full dress and was usually designated for the dinner events. Men who aspired to attain the status of a gentleman in the society often dressed in this attire for the important occasions.

Victorian tuxedo style

During the dinner in their own homes, men usually were instructed to wear black but if they expected visitors then they should Don the evening coat. This was the practice that was followed by most countries of the world at that time.

The Victorian evening dress was to be worn for the evening events but soon this piece of information was lost on the people since men started to wear the evening dress for the special occasions be it day or night. The designer Victorian tuxedo that was used to be the evening dress attire was made from the best materials and expert tailors were employed to make the garment perfect for the special occasions.

The evening dress attire during the Victorian period had a tailcoat which was also known as a dress coat. First it was used for both morning and evening dress attire but by the mid 1800s it became exclusive to the evening dress.

If you are thinking of going with the unique Victorian tuxedo style then we would suggest you to choose the dark colors. Black and navy blue tuxedos were the ones that were greatly used at that time. Later the blue evening dress and brown evening dress also became famous only to wane out after some time. The black stylish Victorian tuxedo remains to be the one standing till today.

There are many reasons why black stayed to be the formal and standard color in mens garments. One main reason seems to be the boom of protestantism during the Victorian period and the somber styles associated with them. There is also the interesting take on practicality of the black tuxedos since the people lived in soot covered cities during the initial phases of the industrial revolution and thus did not want to choose the lighter colored garments. Then there is the case of vanity. Black had a slimming effect but it was also a color that was considered to be hard to pull off. Thus men preferred to wear black garments so that they can hear that they look good in it.

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