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One of the styles that seem to become greatly popular in recent times is the pastel tuxedos. Usually men would prefer to go with the dark colored tuxedos but the light colors are also in the game now. Men have realized that they can look great in colors other than black and blue. Pastel cannot be classified as a bright colors but still mens pastel suits are a progress when compared to the time when there was no other choice than to go with black tuxedos. If you are a person who is thinking of breaking out of the usual styles and try out new ones then it is best for you to go with the mens pastel tuxedo style.

The tuxedo style has remained the same throughout the century but major changes of the garment include the shades of the tuxedo. Even today there are conservative dressers who will not deviate from the black tuxedos since they would argue that tuxedos are the most formal types of garments and going with light colors would refute the style. But fashion world is changing and the old rules bending. Men have started to integrate new styles to their wardrobe collection while experimenting on the new styles. Thus this is the perfect time to try going with the mens tuxedos.

Blue Tuxedo Choosing the right shade matters for the stunning look of the tuxedos. While the charcoal grey and black tuxedos offer a sophisticated and uptight look the tuxedos are more on the casual side. Thus tuxedo suits are most recommended for the summer and spring events. For example you might be going with a summer wedding but still keep the concept to be formal. In that case the navy tuxedos or the Charcoal grey tuxedos might be too boring for the outdoor venue. Thus we would recommend you to give a thought for the tuxedo wedding as your groom outfit in these cases. The light breezy style of these tuxedos would perfectly match the event and deliver you an appropriate style.

If you aren’t too convinced about going with the pastel tuxedo mens then you can start with the mid grey or dark colored tuxedos first. This would help you get used to the styles and then progress on to the lighter styles easily. In case you are new to the tuxedo styles then you would have problems finding the right way to style the outfit. Thus we have compiled some of the best tuxedo styles that we have come across. Hope that it will help you convince that this is indeed a style that is worth giving a try.

The type of look that you need should be the basis of selecting your tuxedo. Keep in mind the outfit that you have pictured and then choose styles that would make the real outfit come closer to the picture. This way you will have a plan to get a nice outfit.

For example if you are attending a summer formal wedding as a guest then you might have to go with tuxedos but something simple so that you won’t overpower the groom’s outfit. Pastel classic tuxedos can help in this situation. Go with the most standard style without any flashy additions. For example a pastel lapel tuxedo mens paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie would do the job. Add with this outfit a pair of black leather oxford shoes since it pulls together the outfit easily.

Velvet Tuxedo On the other hand if you are the groom then you should put in a lot more effort in the styling of the outfit when compared to the above mentioned outfit. You can start with the fabric of the tuxedo since it influences a lot of factors. For example the pastel wool tuxedos tends to offer a simple and classic look but if you want the look to be more special then you can go with sharkskin shiny pastel tuxedos. These tuxedos have a slight sheen about them which makes them stand out in the room full of wool and cotton tuxedos. As the groom you deserve a little bit of standing out for your special day.

Other than the fabric there are various styles of the pastel tuxedos by which you can show the variation. For example usually the tuxedo jackets come with the lapels of the same color but there are styles where there is a contrasting colored lapel involved. The most popular style is the tuxedo jacket with black lapels. The contrasting lapels on the tuxedo makes it look more interesting and stylish. For a simple look you can choose to style the peak lapel tuxedo with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. The black lapel tuxedo vested pastel outfit accentuates the look further. If you want a dressier look then you should try going with the shawl lapel pastel slimfit tuxedos.

Other than this you can go with the 3 piece tuxedo style too. If you are the groom then you can style the pastel velvet tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, black bow tie, matching pants and a pastel double breasted vest. This along with a pair of black leather oxford shoes would provide you with an impressive outfit. If you are one of the groomsmen then you can style the three piece mens blazer pastel outfit with a white dress shirt and a black long tie. Add a black pocket square and a pair of black leather shoes to finish off the outfit.

If you aren’t still convinced with the style then try going with it as separates since might make styling easier. Mens pastel velvet tuxedo dinner jacket is a good start and if you are not sure start with pastel tuxedo rental.