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Extra Slim Fit Suits

You may think you look dashing in your brand new suit but you are pretending unless you buy a extra slim fit one. Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio starred in The Great Gatsby, a mens extra slim fit suit has been all the rage. Even without seeing the movie, there are plenty of reasons to buy a extra slim fit suit.

Of course, this is just one of the many reasons you should consider mens extra slim fit suit for sale. There is definitely a lot of debate surrounding a hot extra slim fit suit. One of the primary reasons is because no one is really sure how the slim fit got such feminine connotations in the first place. Some believe it got started in the 1950s when companies began marketing the slim fit to the parents of female infants. However a counterculture is starting, and this is primarily the reason why considering a mens extra slim fit suit tuxedo for sale is becoming en vogue. Moreover, a hot mens extra slim fit suit is now even starting to become a sign of vanity.

In the 1920's, the public viewed the cobalt blue slim fit suit a bit differently than they do today. Slim fit was actually seen as the bolder, stronger cousin, and it was a sign of masculinity. In many areas of the world, that view of slim fit continues to make a comeback!