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Mens Velvet Vest

Velvet has always been a party season style but most men shy away from it since it can easily surpass the line of peacocking. Styling it right may give you one of your best looks but a slight slip can effortlessly ruin your look. The luxurious fabric is smooth and soft to touch and also have a subtle sheen to it that will definitely gather attention and make you stand out of the crowd. Thus if you are thinking of trying out this style there are some fool proof tricks that can make you safely navigate through the occasion.

Velvet suits have been a classic autumn or winter wear for decades and in recent times designers have started including decorative details that give the outfit a pleasant twist. While a black three piece velvet suit full with a mens velvet vest is a classic look, recent times have seen them incorporated with patterns and digital prints on the jackets that looks great. While this shiny style is a good addition another style of contrast trim velvet suits in two classic colors of black and bottle green has a much more classic touch to it. This style have contrasting colored facings in the collars and lapels in both the velvet jackets and the mens velvet vests. The color is mostly of lighter tone like grey or tan that complements the dark color of the suit.

If you are still not convinced about the full velvet suit with the vests also in velvet then it is better to adopt it in separates until you get used to this tricky material. You can first get the style going with the velvet blazer that is almost foolproof in every sense. Prince Harry bore proof to this style that it works beautifully in even the most formal events like weddings when he looked dashing in a simple black velvet jacket on his wedding day. Also you can wear a nice pair of velvet trousers with less sheen along with a formal attire. This works good given that the pants are of subtle darker shades like black or navy blue. When it comes to mens velvet vests you may not have seen this style often but it is a nice style that can up your fashion game easily. You can elevate the casual style of the blazer when you pair it with a mens velvet vest in a color that complements your outfit.

Also the cut of the velvet garment is one basic thing you will have to note properly. It is important to choose a sharp, flattering cut when it comes to velvet. The soft fabric looks best when it fits snugly to your body frame without it being too tight. The fit of the mens velvet vest is important since it also affects the fit of the blazer or the jacket.

When it comes to the color, black is a classic color for velvet. Other than black it is better to keep it dark like maroon, dark purple, navy or bottle green.