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Double Breasted Coat

When it comes to sizzling style, heritage and glamour, double breasted coats stand alone and have been the most exquisite outfit you can ever find for both formal and informal settings. Men's fashion double breasted coats project a more sophisticated appeal and make you look truly stunning. Classic double breasted suits are a finer way of going for formal wear and can be named as eternal clothing articles that have evolved with the time in an elegant way. Looking good all the time is extremely important for every man and the image you create for yourself speaks for you in all places.

When you wear a fitted double breasted coat, you are sure to have a modern upbeat look. If you are a lean man looking for a flattering suit, you can go for slim fit double breasted coat as it will give an illusion of broader shoulder silhouette and narrow waistline. These double breasted suits are designed based on the fashion demands of every modern gentleman. Also, if you worry about your bulky midsection, you can go for plus size double breasted coats to wonderfully cover your stout body and hide your body flaws. If you have a taller stature, big and tall double breasted coats that make you look great are readily available.

Double breasted style is mostly worn for formal occasions to have a neat refined and structured look. If you would like to rock the casual look, you can try wearing men's designer double breasted coats. These suits are extremely unique in their style and fit and distinguish yourself from other kinds of suits and define your personality excellently. You only need to carefully choose the suit style to make a neat appearance before others. Wearing a wool double breasted coat will give you a millionaire look that is desired by men of all ages.


Double breasted coat with fur collar is a best bet to wear in winter to have a polished and luxurious look that can define your individual style and fashion taste. You should be very careful in choosing the material for specific seasons. There is nothing wrong in going for wool double breasted coat because of its warm, soft and attractive nature. Wool is a heat resistant material that can last for your lifetime and work wonders for you. If it is for summer, you can try wearing cotton double breasted coats to excellently beat the heat. There are also casual double breasted coats available to help you stay cool in summer time.

At MensUSA, we do have an extensive range of men's double breasted suits in different styles, cuts, designs and patterns at attractive prices to meet the fashion demands of modern upscale gentlemen. Without spending a fortune, you will have a million dollars look that you have desired for so long. All our suits are truly versatile and comprehensive that is just right to rock both formal and informal occasions. When you come to us, you will end up with a flattering double breasted coat that is extremely unique to you.