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Vests are garments that are worn over the dress shirt and underneath the jackets or blazers when dressing up usually for a formal event. While the vests went out of style after the World Wars they have remained in and out style for a long time. Now they have made a comeback and are seen worn widely even among the younger generations.

Mens-Blue-Vest-with-Necktie Big and tall vests are the vests that are specifically designed for men who do not come under the standard range of measurements. While for a long time shopping was a hassle for these people since fashion industry has been inconsiderate of them sticking only to the standard sized ones. Even when some stores have the ones that fit the big and tall sizes the various styles and colors available are terribly limited.

But now in the age of internet the online shopping sites provide numerous styles and options that are only a click away. These big and tall mensvests are made with accurate measurements in the shoulders and the middle that are accommodating of the larger proportions.

When you are buying the odd big and tall mensvest the main thing that you need to consider is the fabric of the big and tall vest. The fabric should match the fabric of the suit that you are planning to wear it with. Also the color and the texture of the big and tall mensvest should balance out with that of the suit so that it gives a balanced look.

Mens-Turquoise-4-Piece-Vest Dark-Pink-Vest-Set Purple-4-Piece-Vest-Set

If you are going for a big and tall vest and tie only look without the jackets then it is easier to purchase. Choose darker colored ones for events that are formal and comparatively lighter colored ones for a casual events.

After matching the color and texture of the big and tall mensvest the next thing you will have to consider is the fit of the big and tall mensvest. The shoulder of the big and tall mensvest should lie flat against your natural shoulder. Also consider the number of buttons on the big and tall mensvest. If you are going for the big and tall mensvest with shirt only look then go for four to five button style so that it covers most of the shirt fabric thus creating a classy look. If you are going for a mens vest with jacket look then choose the number of buttons according to your taste. If you would like the higher neck up style that shows above the jacket when buttoned then go with four to five buttoned ones. If you do not like that then go for a v line that plunges deeper and hides below the buttoned jacket that has three or two buttons. If you are wearing a tuxedo then go for the plunging v line. Some big and tall mensvests are backless and have a strap that is adjustable according to the waist size.

Some of the high end styles also have lapels. In big and tall vest sizes select the lapels according to the span of your shoulders. Also the shirt that you wear under the big and tall mensvest should be of the right fit especially if you are wearing it without the jacket.