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The tuxedo got its name from an area known as Tuxedo Park, located northwest of New York City. The Tuxedo Club was a social organization in the area and tuxedos became part of the dress code at events hosted by the organization. Over time, the tuxedo became synonymous with semi formal occasions and wearing them remains customary at business events, weddings and other semi formal occasions. In recent years, novelty tuxes such as the purple Mens tuxedo have become popular. Purple tuxedo comes in various color combinations. We have black and purple tuxedo, dark purple tuxedo, purple and gold tuxedo, light purple white tuxedo, deep purple , purple and white tuxedos etc.

purple tuxedo While a purple Mens tuxedo is still not considered appropriate attire for many semi formal occasions, it is fun for parties and events with a less strict dress code. Bold and interesting colors in tuxedos definitely draw attention and will set you apart from the crowd of black and white tuxes. A purple Mens tuxedo with purple jacket is hot pick for all types of crowd. If you want to make a bold statement and stand apart at your next event, consider a purple Mens tuxedo. You will definitely make a lasting impression. We offer high quality fashion tuxedos in a variety of colors and styles to fit your unique fashion sense and personality. Take some time to browse our selection. Consult our size chart for help in selecting the right size. When you choose Men's USA for your purple Mens tuxedo purchase, you will be getting superior quality at an affordable price. In fact, our prices are so reasonable it makes sense to purchase a tux rather than renting for each occasion that comes up. The low price doesn't come at the expense of quality. We use fabrics and craftsmanship that is of similar quality to what you would find in a higher priced, designer tuxedo. Purple Mens tuxedos are perfect for your prom occasions. We also have limited stocks of purple blazers.

Tuxedos have always occupied a major part when it comes formal menswear. Be it for very formal events like black tie and white tie events or less formal ones like weddings and other ones like proms tuxedos are the ones that have always helped men get through these events unscathed. Tuxedos are not one of the recent styles and have long been in history. These garments are among the few that have maintained their design more or less the same with minimal changes. Also these are almost the only garments that were held at high regard both in the early times and the recent times.

new tuxedo As for the history of the tuxedos these garments ever since origin has been on the formal side of the menswear. The tuxedos were at their peak in the twentieth century and was the one that was strictly preferred for the formal events after dark whether for dinner or simply for some drinks. The style of the tuxedos that we have now first started out by the end of the 19th century and soon became famous all over the country. When it started out it was for the men of the upper levels of the society. This type of tuxedos were the result of people preferring a casual cut on their formal clothes to wear at their leisure time. These garments achieved a new formality status that was a perfect balance between the full white tie formal wear and the casual lounge suit.

As for the proper origin story, the tuxedos have an exciting one. It is said that it all started from Tuxedo park, which is a residential club colony in the outer suburbs of the New York which was founded in 1886 by the wealthy family of Lorillards. This club used to host a annual club party in which yen standard dress code for the ball was white tie and tailcoats. But this changed when a charter member of this club called James Brown Potter was introduced to the new type of dinner jacket designed by the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII. The Prince had created a new design of dinner jacket that came without tails that he preferred to wear in the evenings. This design was inspired from the smoking jackets that were worn when retiring to the smoking room after meal. This James Potter also happened to be a close friend of the Lorillards and thus introduced the style to them. Soon Pierre Lorillard and his son Griswold Lorillard had their tailor design similar dinner jackets with the addition of satin lapels and then wore them to the annual ball. These short dinner jackets were a instant hit and soon caught on to be the customary attire for semi formal evenings in New York city. Another story states Griswold Lorillard to be the fashion pioneer and one who was bored of the formal tailcoats. He is said to have entered this formal party at the Tuxedo Park with the short dinner jacket and caused a ruckus. Whichever the true story is you can imagine how the tuxedos got its name and how they managed to capture the attention of the people.

The style that Griswold Lorillard wore that day is the style of tuxedos that we wear mostly now. This style soon spread and was the style that was the most famous one all through the 20th century. Peaked lapel on the tuxedos were considered to be the most formal type and the single button styles were mostly used paired with black accessories. These formal garments took a brief hiatus due to the advent of the World war and again bounced back in style after the end of the war. This was the time that the black tuxedos were replaced with midnight blue tuxedos and grey tuxedos. Till that time black was the unrivaled winner when it came to tuxedos but soon the youthful sense of style boomed and for a brief time the midnight blue tuxedos were more popular than the classic black ones. Also this was the time when double breasted styles were starting to be accepted as formal ones.

Again Hollywood played the major role in popularising the tuxedo style and by the 1960s and the 1970s more modern twists were introduced in the tuxedos. All this time wool was the basic fabric used in tuxedos but new materials like polyester entered the scene and tuxedos took a more aesthetic turn. Intricate patterns, bolder colors and even ruffles were introduced into this classic formal wear which was the result of stylish counterculture. Now use of all these intricate details like oversized bow ties and ruffles have died down but the bold colors on the tuxedos still prevail. We are no longer restricted to black tuxedos and people are venturing out to try on new colors that are bold and eye catching.

While for the most formal events like black tie and white tie events the usage of the black tuxedos is still strictly maintained it is not the case for semi formal events like weddings and proms and also for casual events like parties. Here you are free to dress  according to your taste and personality and these are the events where we can see a lot of bold color tuxedos. Many colors like red, green, brown, burgundy and sometimes even pink are seen on tuxedos and apart from these purple Mens tuxedos are also seen mostly especially in the party like events and weddings. These less common and unique colored tuxedos like the purple tuxedos can make you look interesting and set you apart from the sea of black and white tuxedos in any event. Trying out these colors can boost your confidence and thus can aid your personality to a great degree. There are many shades in the purple Mens tuxedos and you can choose them according to your preference or according to the type of event that you are dressing up for.

Purple is one of the beautiful color that is often underused in mens wear. This is often due to the fact that the purple is regarded as a womens color. But in history purple has no such restrictions and was mostly used on the garments for kings and emperors since they were made with rare and precious dyes. Purple was so hard to make since they were only extracted from sea snails and it almost took about quarter of a million such snails to extract an ounce of the purple dye. So using purple on the garments were mostly restricted to the royalty and aristocratic people. Nowadays there are no such restrictions and purple is easier to get and hence it is time for you to incorporate this rich color in the garments that you wear.

If you like the color but is still hesitant since you have no idea how to style it then you have come to the right place. This article mainly focuses on purple Mens tuxedos and how to style purple as a color for menswear. The first main thing that you will have to remember while wearing a purple Mens tuxedo or any purple garment that you have to pair them with other garments of contrasting muted hues. If you wear one thing in bright purple you should never pair them with another bright color since they both will clash and hence can make you look clownish. Therefore it is always best to go with lighter tones of colors. As for the purple Mens tuxedos you can never stray away from the white shirt and black tie so as to maintain the formal look of the tuxedo. If you are going with the darker shades of the purple Mens tuxedos then you can try out black shirts since it can give you a slight party look. As for other garments in purple go with matching those with other pieces of navy, gray and bride. Purple works great with these basic colors and hence can be a valuable addition in your wardrobe. Also purple is the cousin color to blue which makes them complement each other beautifully.

When it comes to selecting the color of your garments another thing that you will have to consider is the season at which you are intending to wear this garment. As for purple it is a all season wear since it is a combination of warm red and cool blue. The shade of the purple is what matters and if you choose it properly you can wear the purple at any time of the year. It is the same for the purple Mens tuxedos. If the shade of the purple Mens tuxedo leans more on the maroon and magenta side then this shade is better to be worn  in winter. But if the shade of the purple Mens tuxedo that you choose is more on the violet and lilac side then these shades work best for summer and spring events.

This shade variations can also be taken into account when thinking about the type of event you are dressing up for. For example if you are dressing for a formal type of events which allows colored tuxedos then it is always better for you to select a darker shade of purple tuxedo. Here the ones on the maroon and magenta side of the purple spectrum will work the best and give you a formal look. The dark shade though not the same as black can give you a rich and sophisticated look especially if the material has a certain sheen to it. Now for more casual type of events like for weddings and award events where stylishly dressing up is often welcomed you can try to induce more style in the type and color of your tuxedo. Especially for outdoor events like summer parties and beach weddings you can go with bright shade of purple Mens tuxedos that are more on the cooler violet and lilac side since they look great under the natural light. For these events you can dress up to your heart's content and even can include small details that are to your liking since there are no formal rules for these type of events.

One of the popular option of purple Mens tuxedo when it comes to weddings and sometimes even award events is the purple Mens tuxedos with black shawl collar. Peak lapels on the tuxedos are considered to be the most formal type but when it comes to purple Mens tuxedos men seem to prefer the dressier pick of shawl collars. This may be due to the beautiful color contrast that black on purple provides. You may have seen this style on many celebrities if you watch award events like Oscars. The black satin shawl collar on the purple gives it a elegant twist that serves as a feast to the eye of a fashion lover.

Most of the time it is best to stick with single breasted style of purple Mens tuxedos since it is the one that looks best with shawl collars. Also since shawl collars on the purple Mens tuxedos is a major point keep the button count on your jacket minimal like one or two buttons so that the V neck is deep. If you aren't a great fan of deep necks then you can go with vests. As for purple Mens tuxedos you have two color options for the vest. You can either go with the same shade of the purple that is on your tuxedo or you can go with black vest. Both of them gives you a clean look and the choice solely depends on your preference on the subject.

There are many more types in the purple tuxedos in our site that we offer great deals on  like the patterned ones like floral purple tuxedos, paisley purple Mens tuxedos and other like collarless purple Mens tuxedos, shiny metallic purple Mens tuxedos, Zoot purple Mens tuxedos, sequin purple Mens tuxedos, velvet fabric purple Mens tuxedos, linen fabric purple Mens tuxedos, notch lapel purple Mens tuxedos, slim fit purple Mens tuxedos and many more.

Purple TuxedoOver the time, tuxedo are becoming really popular and are greatly in demand. These suits are mainly spotted at weddings, semi formal occasions, prom nights and other evening parties. Tuxedo are available in various bright colors but among all the colors, Purple color seems to be very eye catchy and most liked for informal parties. Purple is a bold and interesting color that sets your looks apart from the crowd. While a purple Mens tuxedo suit is not considered appropriate for any formal outing, it goes well for parties and events with funky dress codes.

Choosing a less common color for tuxedo will definitely make you look smart and outstanding and set you apart from the common black and white tuxedos. Add a little color to your life by wearing the unique purple colored tuxedo suits that will surely make a bold lasting impression of your personality. Purple Mens tuxedos always fit your fashion sense and personality. Different shades of purple tuxedos are designed ranging from the darkest to the lightest. Varying fabrics like satin, velvet, etc are also used to stitch perfect fit purple Mens tuxedo suits. Bow neck ties as well as normal ties go well with a purple Mens tuxedo.

Purple Mens tuxedos come in an assortment of colors and patterns. From soft light shades to classy dark shades, all colors are available for purple Mens tuxedo suits. Purple colored tuxedo suit looks funky and at the same time poses a regal elegance in the looks of the person wearing it. A gentleman can rarely go wrong by accessorizing his tuxedo with the purple Mens tuxedo vest of his choice.

A unique collection of purple Mens tuxedos are available with different patterns, finishing cuts that surely allure any man who wants to embolden his look with a classy purple Mens tuxedo.

A purple tuxedo is a striking and unconventional choice that exudes a sense of individuality and sophistication. This unique garment stands out in the world of formalwear, offering a departure from the traditional black or navy options. The distinctive color immediately catches the eye, making a bold statement and signaling a departure from conventional norms. A purple tuxedo is a sartorial choice that conveys a wearer's confidence and willingness to embrace a distinctive aesthetic. The occasions where a purple tuxedo shines brightest are diverse, ranging from weddings and galas to themed events and creative black-tie affairs. For weddings, a purple tuxedo can make a groom stand out as a fashion-forward and confident individual, especially when paired with a coordinating color scheme. At galas and black-tie events, it becomes a statement piece that commands attention in a sea of traditional black and navy suits. Themed events, particularly those with a creative or artistic focus, provide an opportunity for individuals to express their personality through the distinctive choice of a purple tuxedo.

A purple tuxedo is a distinctive and impactful choice for those seeking to make a bold statement in formalwear. Its unique color immediately sets it apart, conveying a sense of individuality and confidence. The richness of the purple, coupled with classic tuxedo elements and thoughtful accessorizing, results in an ensemble that is both sophisticated and contemporary. A purple and orange tuxedo is a vibrant and daring choice that brings a burst of energy and creativity to formalwear. This unconventional color combination blends the regality of purple with the warmth and intensity of orange, resulting in a visually striking ensemble. The jacket, featuring satin-faced peak lapels and a single-breasted design, showcases the merging of these bold hues, creating a harmonious yet attention-grabbing palette. Opting for a purple tuxedo with a black shirt introduces a captivating contrast that adds depth and sophistication to the ensemble. The deep, regal tones of the purple jacket and trousers are accentuated by the starkness of the black shirt. This combination creates a sleek and modern look, perfect for evening events or formal affairs where a touch of drama is welcomed. The black shirt serves as a canvas that allows the purple hues to take center stage, emphasizing the wearer's individuality and confidence.

A purple suit in a three-piece ensemble is a bold and sophisticated choice that combines regality with modern flair. The jacket, trousers, and matching vest, all in varying shades of purple, create a seamless and cohesive look that exudes a sense of individuality and confidence. The jacket typically features classic elements such as notched lapels or peak lapels, providing a nod to traditional tailoring while the contemporary color choice adds a fresh and daring twist. The tailored fit ensures a sleek silhouette, enhancing the wearer's physique and exuding a sense of refinement. A purple tuxedo suit takes formalwear to new heights by incorporating the rich and vibrant hue into the classic tuxedo silhouette. The jacket, adorned with satin-faced peak lapels, shawl lapels, or notched lapels, showcases the merging of traditional tuxedo elements with the boldness of purple.

The purple tuxedo suit , with its bold and eye-catching design, is ideal for glamorous events where standing out is paramount. Pairing a purple tuxedo suit with a matching shirt amplifies the regal and luxurious aspects, creating a powerful and cohesive look. A standalone purple tuxedo jacket offers a versatile option for those looking to infuse their formal wardrobe with a touch of daring elegance. Purple suits and tuxedos, whether in three-piece ensembles or paired with matching shirts, represent a daring and sophisticated choice in men's formal fashion. The bold and regal nature of the color, combined with classic tailoring and thoughtful accessorizing, creates ensembles that are both refined and fashion-forward.

A purple tuxedo coat, whether rented or owned, is a show-stopping garment that adds a touch of glamour and individuality to formal attire. The coat, featuring satin-faced lapels and a refined silhouette, elevates the overall ensemble with its rich and regal hue. When paired with classic black trousers, the purple tuxedo coat becomes the focal point, allowing wearers to make a memorable statement at weddings, galas, or other elegant events. The addition of a purple and black tuxedo vest enhances the overall sophistication and cohesiveness of the ensemble. This vest, often crafted from luxurious materials like satin or silk, complements the purple tuxedo coat with its deep and opulent color. The black detailing on the vest provides a striking contrast, creating a visually appealing and well-balanced look. Whether worn under the coat or as a standalone piece, the purple and black tuxedo vest adds a layer of refinement to the outfit, serving as a stylish choice for those who appreciate a bold yet tasteful approach to formal fashion.